Actress Carrie Henn Married Nathan Kutcher and living together as husband and wife.

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Who doesn’t love Alien movies, and all the space adventures; gives me cold creeps when they come up with possibilities of alien encounters and stuff.

Likewise, Carrie Henn, who played Newt in Alien series, we’re gonna talk about her married life with Nathan Kutcher. They are living together happily as husband and wife. Stay Put..

Carrie Henn and Nathan Kutcher

Reports believe that Carrie Henn and Nathan Kutcher married on July 2, 2005. Nathan was a classmate of Carrie at California State University, Stanislaus and he graduated in 2000 as well, the same year Carrie did. And it appears as though they fell in love a long time ago. I wonder how they have managed to make their relation last for so long. Well, we all wish you a big good luck, guys. 

Nathan Kutcher and Carrie Henn

Nathan Kutcher and Carrie Henn

Do they have any Children?

Yes, the pair has two children (Check out at 5:55) and presently resides in Atwater. But to let you people know, Carrie is a closed box and she doesn’t really like much to share her personal information with outsiders. How unfortunate, though. But we do have one thing that you guys would like to know; one of their children is a daughter. 

Carrie Henn back then and now.

Carrie Henn then and now.

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Their Married Life

Like I already told you people that the pair denies sharing their personal stuff. However, we do have some stuff for you guys. If I haven’t told you, Nathan is a Rock Climber and he has won several tournaments in the past couple years.

Don’t you think it’s a dangerous sport? It is, right! But Carrie supports him big time. He says, “She’s pretty excited. She was happy when I got accepted and thought I would do pretty good, but didn’t expect that I would win”. We can guess by this how their married life is, eh! Such cute words, though. 

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Who is Nathan Kutcher?

Like I said, he is a Climber who won ‘2012 Ouray Ice Festival’ in Colorado. At present, he and Carrie are much on roads and visiting all the climbing destinations that they dreamt of. Besides his climbing career, he is an estimator at a lumberyard, but most of what he does is sit on his desk and work on his computer. And to let you people know, he has been climbing for around 18 years now and it’s his 7th season climbing ice. 

Nathan Kutcher

Nathan Kutcher

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