Actress Candace Cameron Bure's secret to harmonious family life with husband Valeri and their 3 kids

August 10, 2015
First published on:August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

They are almost about to mark two decades of their marriage. But they are still strong and happy as a newlywed couple. I am talking about non-other than actress Candice Cameron Bure and her beloved husband Valerie Bure.

The Full House fame Candice is a happy mother and a devoted wife. She has three children, daughter Natasha and sons Lev and Maksim with her former Russian ice hockey right winger husband Bure. With her beautiful family she lives in paradise.

Her beloved fans have always wondered about the longevity of her marriage with her husband. In Hollywood, where couple struggle to retain their marriage even for a few years, Candice has almost set a record by keeping her married life strong as ever. Many have admired Candice for being the best wife and a loving and caring mother to her children. So what is the reason behind her successful marriage and family life, let’s find out.

 Candice is a devout Christian like her elder brother Kirk Cameron. And it is her Christian beliefs that have led her to the path of becoming a devoted wife and a mother.

Earlier this year, The Dancing With the Stars fame revealed the secret behind her happily married life to the media by mentioning the word ‘submissive’ to describe her relationship with her husband. The statement created a whole lot of talk on the media. The word ‘submissive’ is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible while describing the ideal relationship of a wife to her husband.

For a devoted Christian like her, the term is quite significant. But Candice was criticized and had to do lot of explaining in this non-Christian world of show business. The actress clearly said that her husband was not a dictator and their relationship was not slavish or domineering. She simply explained that the word meant that she defers to her husband’s decisions on certain matters, just as he defers to her, on other matters.

Candice who has also published the New York Times best-selling book: Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness published in January 2011 said that she trusted her husband’s experience in areas where she was not as knowledgeable as him. By saying so, she wants to make it clear that she loves him, and he loves her, and they contribute to their marriage equally and as per their capabilities.

She also added: “I want my husband to lead.”

After the interview the mother of three had to struggle to explain the Biblical concept according to which at least one has to lead in a marriage. In her case, it’s her husband as she is not interested in becoming the head of her family.

And now that her husband has retired and runs their vineyard and wine business and she is all set to make her comeback in the field of acting, at least one of them has to be there as the head of the family. And she believes that Bure has his family’s best interest at heart and will make the best decisions for her family of five. Cameron will be reprising her role as D.J. Tanner in the 2016 Netflix spinoff of Full House which is titled Fuller House.

And talking about her children, the actress aged 39 is a good Christian mother, who knows her Scripture. She teaches all three of her kids the right Christian values and has become an excellent role model for her children.

The actress and her family share a harmonious life together. The talented wife and mother also started her personal blog from this year where she writes about her personal and professional life experiences. 

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