Actress/Cancer survivor Clare Bowen has a hard time dating, dumped by ex-boyfriend right after getting a role in 'Nashville'

August 11, 2015
First Published On: August 11, 2015

Clare Bowen is one strong person. The Australian singer and actress has been through a lot in her life, but the blonde beauty has not been broken down. She has gone through hell, but she is still standing her ground and she hasn’t budged an inch from her place.

It would be hard to believe that this Aussie beauty is a cancer survivor. The Nashville star battled the disease when she was between 4 to 7 years old. And she did kick the butt of cancer and survived to tell the tale. Now, this talented singer is rocking and entertaining her fans in ABC’s hit musical drama television series ‘Nashville’.

The actress is best known for role as Scarlett O'Connor, a poet and songwriter, and musician in the hit TV show. Bowen in Nashville is plays such a character who is more focus on her work rather than other stuffs like love, romance and dating. Her character, Scarlett, works harder than anybody else and always comes up with extraordinary performances. Frankly speaking, the series is incomplete without the presence of this charming young lady.

Scarlett works at the Bluebird Café where she first performed and was noticed by everyone for her talent.  Despite being a gifted singer, the lady does not find success in love in the series. She falls in love with Avery, played by Jonathan Jackson but the things don’t work out between them as the bad boy breaks up his relationship with her. The reason- Scarlett had a brighter future than him and he was scared that she would find fame and he would be left behind.

You may think that the romance and break up of Scarlett and Avery is something that happens only in movies or stories, Avery’s act of dumping her sounds very dramatic, but you know what? Our beloved Bowen has faced a similar scenario in her real life. You would be surprised to learn that the actress was dumped by her lover, not only on-screen but off-screen as well.

The Australian beauty was dumped by her longtime boyfriend right after she landed the role in Nashville. It might be the reason why Bowen seems to identify with the character of Scarlett so well.

In an interview with the New York Post, the actress cum singer opened up her wound, "I got told to f- - k myself because I got 'Nashville'. Someone that I loved. And I'm sure he's happy somewhere. So Scarlett and I are discovering ourselves at the same time."

According to the actress, her partner dumped her just because she was heading on the road towards fame after landing a major role in Nashville. Bowen didn’t bow down but instead focused on her career.

If she really wants, then this talented and gorgeous beauty can easily find a better guy. But, the aspiring actress is determined to lift up her career to such height that everybody who sees her, including her former egoistic beau, will be filled with admiration and envy.

Now Bowen is all set to release her new album with Nashville music director T-Bone Burnett. For her, dating someone is less important than her career. The singer has been actively promoting her musical attempt on Instagram and twitter.

The age of Bowen is still a mystery as her date of birth is not clear. Some say that she was born in 1984 and some claim it to be 1989. I guess we’ll never know!