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Actress Caitlin Fitzgerald dating Masters of Sex co-star Micheal Sheen, seen on romantic date with new boyfriend

May 11, 2017
First published on:September 13, 2015
by HitBerry

He’s 46 and of middling height. She is at the age of 32. But who cares??????  All that matters is that the two are hopelessly in love. Well, how lucky can they get?

Looks like actress Caitlin Fitzgerald and her Masters of Sex co-star Micheal Sheen, both much loved by the fans, have been reportedly seen in public displays of romance. Not that kind of romance but in love well they definitely seem tied together

After splitting from Rachel McAdams, Sheen has since been tied to the hot, super cool, beauty actress. The couple have been working together on their forthcoming TV show Masters Of Sex.

The series looks feisty enough and not only do they look set to give great performance on TV, but backstage they may just be starting a new romance. Boy does their romance look sexy!

After a lovely ride to Malibu( that’s what the insiders say), they were even seen going to the same house. Well, no need to elaborate what that signals! And if pictures are to be believed, she seemed to be in great spirits whenever the two were pictured.

Oh, not that Michael looked unhappy – he too seemed to be enjoying his company with the beauty.

Well, no one has asked where their relationship is going, but if rumors are to be believed, they are in for a great time together. He loves her and she loves him. What would boys not do so that Caitlin would bat an eye.

Tough luck, not everyone is a celebrity. Anyways, not wanting to drift from the real topic, the couple are enjoying their time currently and it looks as if they are not elevating their relationship status. Instead, they are enjoying what they have right now. Now, to catch up to what the two great actors are upto.

FitzGerald is currently starring in the Showtime period drama Masters of Sex and if you are a series regular, you know how great she isIndiewire has actually described her character to a great review. "Libby Masters is a character who could easily have come across as insipid instead of likable and poignant

 FitzGerald fully conveys Libby's willowy fragility, her fairly sheltered outlook and girlishness =she sometimes calls her husband "Daddy"—while making it clear she isn't a simple stand-in for conservative values or cluelessness

FitzGerald makes Libby's perceptiveness and her transparency clear.” To add to her work on the series, she also appeared in Adult Beginners. That was one fine comedy and if you’ve not watched it, it’s a great movie.

As for Michael, at the age of 46, he is beginning to add more to his already illustrious acting career. A winner of many many awards, it does not look like he is set to stay off the camera. As for now, his hands are busy with Masters of Sex on stage and FitzGerald off the stage.

FitzGeral has not talked about her new boyfriend, or dating and has no recent posts on Twitter or Instagram regarding her love life. Let's see how far it goes. If it does not go well, worry not FitzGerald- there are many of us waiting.