Actress Cady McClain, age 46, and husband Jon Lindstorm expecting a baby??

February 18, 2016
First published on:February 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Actress Cady McClain and actor Jon Lindstorm got hitched in a hush-hush wedding in 2014 and now, there have been reports that McClain might be pregnant!!!

Recently, there have been rumors that McClain and Lindstorm are expecting a baby. The news has not yet been officially confirmed by either of them. But since the actors are in their mid forties, it isn’t hard to believe that they would like to have children by now.

Last year, McClain even talked about her interest in being a mother. “Motherhood is not always about mother, father has an equal responsibility”, she said.

We cannot yet confirm that she is pregnant, but we will soon get to the bottom of this and we will certainly provide you with the latest scoop. So stay tuned.

The couple have been dating for over a decade and they finally got married in secrecy in 2014. It was not very fancy and they even had a burger truck at their reception. Their wedding was attended by several relatives and fans.

"It wasn't spontaneous, but nor was it always the plan. We've been engaged for quite a while and it just seemed like the natural order of things," Lindstorm told TV Guide‘s Michael Logan. "We also felt that there would be real protection for one another if we got married. We love each other deeply and get along so well that it was kinda like, why not? I'm not going anywhere. Cady's not going anywhere. So, really, why not?"

Lindstorm also added that neither he nor McClain wanted the “pomp and circumstance” of a public wedding. The wedding was attended by many close friends and relatives. They also welcomed the fans nearby and it became a wedding to remember. 

Cady McClain is an American actress and singer. The actress is well known for her versatility. She is also an avid writer and has been a blogger since 2004.

My favorite year, Simple justice, Alma mater, Retreat, soldier’s heart, Home movie are some of her hit movies. She also has played in dozens of TV shows, some of which are All my children, As the world turns, Law and order- special victims unit and The young and the restless.

The actress was originally from California. She then moved to New York and after twenty years, she is now again living in Los Angeles.

As already mentioned, she is a singer as well. She mostly enjoys playing guitar though. She released her very first album ‘Blue Glitter Fish’ in 2006.

Her career is predicted to have boosted up even more after being in a relationship with Lindstorm - a General Hospital star.

We all know for sure that their common career path is quite complementary to each other. They are a very lovely and happening couple as of now. But who knows what is in store for them in the future.

The actress’s net worth is $600,000 dollars.

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