Actress Brett Butler, who divorced her husband Charles Wilson after being in an abusive relationship, overcame drug addiction and depression

HitBerryPublished on   05 Jul, 2015Updated on   16 May, 2021


“I was married to a subliterate, terra-cotta-toothed imbecile with violent tendencies.’

This is a famous quote said by Actress Brett Butler on her abusive husband in Joanne R . Gilbert’s famous book “Performing Marginality: Humor, Gender, and Cultural Critique”. 

Former star of Grace under Fire series Brett Butler received wider recognition and fame by portraying the role of Grace Kelly in the series. Butler also a writer and stand-up comedian was dismissed from Grace Under Fire in February 1998, due to her erratic behavior stemming from substance abuse.

Butler real-life is quite similar to her character of Grace Kelly from her 1990s hit series,  Butler played the role of Kelly who was a single mother with the responsibility of three children alone after the divorce with her abusive husband. The life of the character clearly identifies with Butler as she herself had a very troublesome life with her real life husband who was not only abusive but also a drunkard.

Her personal life is also surrounded by controversies as she got into problems due to her drug addiction and depression.

Butler who returned again to television during 2012 has spoken freely with media about her past drug addiction, depression, ruined television career and personal issues.

 Butler  who has a recurring role as the bartender at the restaurant that Charlie Goodson frequents in the FX show Anger Management  starring Charlie Sheen  Worked as a cocktail waitress before becoming a success in the entertainment industry. Indeed, some resemblance to her real life here as well.

The deep-voiced sharp-talking Southerner Butler started as a Stand Up comedian before making it big as Grace Kelly. She married Charles Wilson whom she divorced three years after their marriage because of his abusive behavior. Brett had a family history of abuses. Her mother who was married thrice and she was a wife to a very abusive person. She raised Butler and her other four sisters alone. It is also said that her mother was suicidal and was in and out of the mental hospitals frequently. All these reasons pushed Butler into difficulties. She completed her high school taking night classes and working in the day time. She waited tabled in bars and later got the opportunity to do stand-up comedy. She married Ken Ziegler after a long affair and dating but their relationship didn’t survive long.

Her troublesome personal life caught her off guard. Actually Butler who was sober from seven years from her alcohol addiction had plunged into a habit of pain killer. All her irrational behavior led her out of the famous show. The show was canceled for five weeks. After all the scandal, Butler’s life plunged, both personally and professionally. The talented actress, despite all on-screen success was unable to overcome her traumatic childhood, marriage with her abusive husband and her struggle as a waitress.

In a rare interview she said, “I lost my husband, my job, the respect of people I admire greatly, everything. But I still didn't sober up for another six months. The closeness that I came to dying was really remarkable.

Butler who published her memoirs, entitled Knee Deep in Paradise, in 1996 is keen to start her next book.  Her first book is said to be started before attaining her celebrity status, and candidly addresses much of this time frame, ending the autobiography before Grace Under Fire’s television debut.

Now, Butler has all sobered up and has started appearing in number of TV shows and movies. The actress with an estimated net worth of $15 million seems full of positive vibes and is focused now on her career, says she is now stronger than ever!!