Actress Bonnie Hunt feels ready to get married and settle down again more than a decade after her divorce

December 28, 2015
First Published On: December 28, 2015
by HitBerry

When ‘Return to me’ star Bonnie Hunt got a divorce with Investment Banker husband John Murphy in 2006, it was suggested that the actress would remain single for the rest of life. However, in her recent interviews, the actress has revealed that she wants to get married once again. This announcement, which has come nearly a decade after her first divorce, has shocked her fans.

At the age of 54, many people would consider themselves too old to start a new love life. But the actress has revealed that she wants to give marriage another chance, despite her old age. She also made it clear that she will only date or marry someone who is of similar age range as her to our sources. She stated that she doesn’t have a particular person in her mind at the moment.

“I have spent the last 10 years of my life alone. In that time, I have discovered myself. I figured out what I want out of my life”, she told our reporters. “If the right person comes along who has all the qualities I seek for in my future husband, I will definitely consider marrying him”, she added.

Hunt also hinted that she wants to raise a child with her future husband. She didn’t have any child from her previous marriage. Since it is not biologically possible for the actress to have her own child, it is believed that she will consider adoption.  

This has left her fans curious about what, or rather whom the director considers perfect marriage material. It was once rumored that the actress was in a relationship with David Letterman. The two have been friends for long time. Also, both of them come from the same professional background and a share similar viewpoint towards life, a relationship between them was definitely a possibility. But Letterman has married since and is no longer an eligible choice for Hunt.

Hunt is a woman of multiple talents.  In her career, which spans over 25 years, she has established herself as a successful writer, producer, actor and a talk show host. She has directed popular TV movies like ‘Call me Crazy’ and ‘Let Go’. She was the host of ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’, which aired from 2007 to 2012.

Her career as an actress however, had a pretty slow start. She didn’t land a major role in a TV series until she was 25 years old. Hunt’s big break in the silver screen came when she co-produced a show with Letterman. Since then, she has made appearance in series like ‘Sofia the First’ and ‘Grand’. She has also won an Emmy nomination for her role in the TV show ‘Life with Bonnie’. She has provided her voice for several Disney movies.

The actress can be followed on Twitter @Bonniehunt_real

The actress’ net worth remains undisclosed at the moment.