Actress Beverley Mitchell and husband Micheal, who wedded in 2008 and got pregnant with baby no 2 last year, thrilled to be parents

August 10, 2015
First Published On: August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

She is still at the relatively young age of 34 and as she says, she doesn’t feel old enough to be a parent. But actress Beverly Mitchelle, a mother of two, is more than thrilled to have given birth to two wonderful children, an older daughter and a younger boy.

The singing sensation had previously told the People magazine,

“I still don’t feel old enough to be a mom!”

However, she is over the moon to be parenting daughter Kenzie Lynne, age 2, and son Hutton Michael, who is now almost five months.

“Of all the amazing things I’ve done in life, nothing has been more important. Being a mommy is the best thing I’ve done. Seeing them embrace life with their fresh eyes and excitement really grounds you and makes you realize what life’s really about.”

While Beverly was pregnant, she was often scared of having a son. Well, why she was so afraid is none of our concern, but one thing is certain; the singer is very fond of her little boy.

“He’s amazing and so much fun. I’m so excited about all of the adventures we will have together,” Mitchell said. And looking at the pictures on Twitter and Instagram, she sure seems to love this phase of motherhood.

Mitchell married her long-time boyfriend Michael Cameron back in 2008. An accountant, her husband Cameron had an instant liking to the singer. We mean, who wouldn’t? Their marriage was postponed by a year due to the release of Mitchell's debut album. But turns out, the wait was worth the time. Not only did her album garnish great review, it also turned out to be a lucky choice. The couple eventually had a lavish wedding on the romantic isles of Ravello, Italy on the Amalfi Coast. Mitchell’s 7th Heaven co-stars Jessica Biel and Mackenzie Rosman both served as bridesmaids. Kenzie Lynne was born in October 2013 followed by Hutton, whom she gave birth on January 28.

Mitchell’s debut acting role was in ‘The Crow: City of Angels’ playing a teen-aged drug addict Grace. She then auditioned for 7th Heaven. Initially, she was turned down to play the role of Mary, but was instantly cast as Lucy. 7th Heaven lasted for eleven seasons and still remains a very popular series.

Mitchell also has many other shows and movies to her name. She played Erica Enders-Stevens in the Disney Channel original movie Right on Track. She also acted in the TV movie I Know What I Saw and Beverley has plans of releasing a second album, which most probably will include her own version of the Allison Krauss’ famous song "When You Say Nothing At All" on the album. She is currently cast as a school counselor in the teenage drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager.