Actress Belinda Stewart-Wilson wary of ever getting married again since her divorce with ex-husband Ben Miller?

January 14, 2016
First published on:January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Actress Belinda Stewart-Wilson is quite wary of ever getting married again after her divorce with ex-husband Ben Miller, a source claimed. 

The anonymous source, who claims to be quite close to The Inbetweeners actress, spilled the beans on how the English actress was sick and tired of the word ‘marriage’. The insider also claimed that the actress now has a fear of marriage due to her bitter experience with divorce. She might never get married again. 

The informant revealed: “Belinda’s marriage with her former husband Ben was not successful and she has had a bitter divorce as well. So this has actually made her wary. She is fearful that she won’t ever get married to anyone ever again.”

The insider further explained Wilson’s plight: “Belinda and Ben were pretty much in love, but things went wrong and they got divorced. And she has not been able to forget it. She blames herself for the divorce and thinks that she could not be a good wife. This is the reason why she is scared of beginning another relationship or worse, getting married.

“Belinda’s family and friends have always been there for her and they have been insisting she find someone else and settle down, but she won’t. She thinks that she will ruin her second marriage as well, and she is sick and tired of hearing the word marriage.

“She does not want to think about dating or marrying someone until she overcomes her fear of marriage. I feel so bad for her sometimes because she gets upset when somebody suggests she go on a date. No matter how hard they try to hook her up with someone, she hardly listens to them and simply ignores them. And even when she does listen, she just nods her head and smiles, simply suggesting that she is not interested,” stated the tale bearer. 

Wilson divorced her longtime husband, actor and comedian Ben Miller back in 2011. The couple met each other back when Wilson appeared as a guest star with Miller in the third series of Primeval. The former husband and wife duo has a son named Jackson aka Sonny.

Though the actress refuses to give second marriage a chance, her former husband is already married to his second wife, production executive Jessica Parker. The couple married each other in September 2013 and they have two children; a son named Harrison, who was born in late 2011, and a daughter, who was born in 2015. 

If Ben can move on in his life, why can’t Wilson? The insider said that the actress can only be able to begin another chapter of her life once she overcomes her fear of marriage. And we think the same.

If Wilson wants to move on then she needs to find a way of overcoming her fear. After all, she is sexy, beautiful and talented. She won’t have any problem finding a good man in her life. Moreover, men are dying to become this hot lady's boyfriend. 

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