Actress Aubrey Peeples dating her Nashville co-star?? Who is her boyfriend??

HitBerryPublished on   24 Nov, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

She is charming. She is beautiful. She is a great singer. And to top it off, she is just 21. There is no doubt that a lot of people out there would love to meet her, and if given a chance, get involved in a relationship with the Nashville superstar Aubrey Peeples. But, at the moment, she is yet to be involved romantically with anyone. And rumors stating that Aubrey was dating Chris Carmack are well…you guessed it… FALSE!

Many of us were left faint hearted after rumors speculated that the sexy actress was romantically involved. But, as young as she is, she has yet to confirm it. In a recent interview, she declared that she was not keen on getting involved in the romantic spin cycle yet. But, given her charming looks and given that fact that she is sure to get big in the singing world, there is no doubt many guys will be getting head over heels for her. Well, that will go on and on.

Born in Lake Mary, Florida, Peeples went to a local preparatory school, where she was a valedictorian. Her parents say that she was indeed very smart; as they say ‘beauty with brains’. Anyways, she was accepted to the prestigious and highly selective Harvard University, but actually deferred her decision. Twice! The first time, she did not speak why. The second time, she deferred as she was accepted to play the lovable character in the musical drama Nashville.

Given her popularity, she is sure to be a future sensation. Still young and hungry, she has around 27.4 thousand followers in Twitter and this proves how popular she is. She has already tweeted around 3700 times. Well, what a busy girl she is!! Anyways, with around 37.7 thousand followers in Instagram, she has proven that she is a very popular sensation.

Still at the age of 21 (we just wanted to remind you of her very young age), she has a net worth of $7 million dollars. Boy what a lucky girl she is. Seven million dollars! Some of us cannot make that much money in our entire lifetime. Well, lucky her for being born with the talent and face to make it to the top of the industry. But more than this, we can say that it was actually her hard work, passion for her work and dedication that has made her successful today. Not only does she have a great future in singing, but with appearances in a couple of movies, she might be able to make it big in Hollywood as well.

Even though she had said she did not have a boyfriend, we tried spying in her private life, just to be sure. Considering she is smart, she does know that keeping her personal life private will do her wonders. So, we thought that she was actually hiding her love. But, turns out she is actually not seeing anyone. Turns out, she is not only smart, talented and beautiful but also a very honest girl. Not to forget hot. Such a lovely girl she is turning out to be. Hoping her all the best in life!! She is sure to reach the greatest of height in Hollywood.