Actress Arianne Zucker opens up about her divorce with husband Kyle Lowder last year

June 29, 2017
First Published On: November 3, 2015

American actress and model, Arianne Zucker has finally opened up about her divorce with her former husband and father of her daughter, actor Kyle Lowder. Though she didn’t personally make a statement, a source quite close to the actress has finally revealed the reason behind the couple’s divorce.

Today, in this particular column, we will let you know the marital life of Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder. Also, find out more about their tragic divorce and reason behind it.

Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder Divorce

The actress, best known for her role as Nicole Walker on Days of Our Lives, married her longtime husband Lowder, who was also her co-star from the very show. The couple met each other back in 2000 after they both started working on the NBC television network’s daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. They quickly fell in love with each other and got married in 2002.

Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder   Source: Zimbio

Everything was all right between the pair until 2007. They decided to separate after five long years of relationship. Though the couple went their separate ways in 2007, they quickly reconciled the very next year. Their separation became a major talk of the town back then as it was covered by the media with utmost importance.

After the reconciliation, the couple gave birth to their first daughter, Isabelle in 2009. But even the birth of their baby girl did not stop the former love flames from separating for the second time. In 2014, the couple officially announced their divorce, ending their 12-year-old wedding.

Reason Behind Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder Divorce

Despite all the media attention, the fans of this much-loved couple could not uncover the actual reason behind their separation. The paparazzo and the media tried their best to find out the real cause of their short break up but in vain. Several speculations were made regarding the hot topic then.

Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder with their daughter Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder with their daughter

Some said the couple parted because Zucker wanted a baby, but her husband was not ready for it. But the source claims that it was not the case. It said that the real reason behind the actress’ divorce with Lowder was the differences between the couple.

The insider claimed:

“People have been making speculations on the basis of the baseless rumors and tittle-tattle. If they had separated just because Arianne wanted to become a mother, then they would not have had a daughter later. The couple separated because of the differences they had as a couple. This is why they filed for the divorce despite having a kid. If they wanted kid, they would have stayed together for Isabelle instead of moving apart,”

The insider further added:

“The pair didn’t have any problem between them. They just had different values and they wanted to pursue their career the way they wanted. So for the sake of their heightening career, they decided to end the marriage.’

Despite the divorce, the couple has stated that they would stay good friends and loving parents to their 7-year-oldaughter. At the moment, Arianne Zucker is dating Shawn Patrick Christian.