Actress Annette Crosbie,age 81, regrets not getting re-married after getting divorced from ex-husband Micheal Griffiths?

HitBerryPublished on   14 Jan, 2016Updated on   14 Jan, 2016

Actress Annette Crosbie, aged 81, regrets not getting re-married after getting divorced from her ex-husband Michael Griffiths, rumor has it.

Don’t be surprised, y’all! It is indeed true. A source close to the veteran actress recently revealed that Crosbie now regrets her decision of staying single after her divorce with her husband. 

The insider, who claims to be quite close to the old yet charming actress of 81, gave us all the exclusive details on the beautiful lady and how she regretted not getting married for a second time. 

“Anne has been regretting her decision to not get married after her divorce with Michael. She is 81 now and the prospect of getting married now is preposterous to her. She does not want to get hitched at this age because she thinks that people would laugh at her. And this is the reason why the Anne has been thinking that she should have married someone when she was young and beautiful,” the source revealed.

The reliable source also added: “Anne thinks that she should have either married or should have hooked up with someone while she was young. She was extremely beautiful and she was not short of suitors.

Several men chased after her and wanted to be with her, but Anne herself was not interested in any of them.

“She never re-married because she wanted to focus on raising her children instead. She is a concerned mother, you see. So, she never gave a second thought to marriage. Moreover, her unsuccessful marriage to Michael had left her heartbroken. She was devastated after the divorce and the bitter experience of her first marriage was enough to turn her away from men,” said the secret source.

The insider spilled the beans on how the actress was now resenting her decision of staying single. The source claimed that the actress had never been so sad about her single life. “She has the most amazing children in the world. She did her best to raise Owen and Selina normally. But now, she feels that she should have thought of herself as well. No, she is not complaining. But now that both of her kids are in their 40s and they have their own lives whereas she is all alone,” explained the gossip monger. 

They further added: “She is at the stage now when everyone including you and me need someone in our lives. But she is all alone and has no one else to love and look after her which is why she is deeply regretting her past decision. But it is too late for that.”

Crosbie and her former husband, Michael Griffiths, ended their relationship after being married for quite a long time. The campaigner for greyhound welfare has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Her net worth remains undisclosed.