Actress Anna Jacoby-Heron, age 21, gearing up for a new movie role

December 3, 2015
First Published On: December 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Anna Jacoby-Heron, the current star of Finding Carter, has already worked with prominent Hollywood actors like Matt Damon and Jude Law. And now, it seems she has been preparing herself for a new movie role. Reports suggest that she will be playing alongside Matt Damon once again.

Anna, who has already worked with the famous actor in an earlier movie “Contagion”, has been cast by Damon in his upcoming movie, the name of which remains undisclosed as of yet. However, inside sources claim that Anna will most likely be playing Matt’s daughter in the movie.

Apart from the yet unnamed movie she is set to star in alongside Matt Damon, she has also been cast in a TV series titled “The Skinny”, which is currently under production. It is set to premier in 2016. Apart from filming for the TV series “The Skinny“, she is also currently working on the third season of “Finding Carter”.

Anna also had an appearance on the TV show “Vegas” in 2013. Her appearance caused a lot od speculations as to whether she was planning on joining the show permanently. However, she did not make any further appearance on the show.

Anna was a part of the movie Contagion while she was in high school. Due to her commitment to the movie, she had to take a gap year before joining college. She mentioned that before being cast on the movie, she had never thought about acting.

Her co-stars have said that although she remains an unschooled actress, she has got exceptional acting chops which just makes her very entertaining in front of the camera. Anna is currently attending the Tisch School of performing arts in New York and has taken up acting within the school.

Anna, who is just twenty one year old, has managed to get the attention of many prominent Hollywood actors and directors, many of whom have commented on her exceptional acting ability. There has been a lot of talk that she is destined to be a star in the future.

After she grabbed attention for her role in the TV series Finding Carter, Anna’s social media following has sky rocketed. She has over 140 K followers in total across all mediums. She frequently uses Twitter to update her fans on her recent activities and also to give Finding Carter fans an exclusive sneak peek into the show.

Anna has also expressed her hopes of pursuing her career in film making with her area of interest lying in the independent film section. She has also been working on a number of short films and has been planning to screen some of her work in various film festivals in North America.

Anna is about 5 feet 6 inches in height. She wanted to be a professional ballerina when she grew up and is still an active dancer.