Actress Anna Belknap and husband Eric Siegel pregnant with their third child

HitBerryPublished on   16 Dec, 2015Updated on   30 Jul, 2017

Anna Belknap has been hiding from the media for quite a long time now. She has not made any public appearance or appeared in any social events for a very long time. This has left many of her fans wondering what it’s all about. Now, new reports are suggesting that the actress has very good news for her fans.

Various news outlets have claimed that the reason Belknap no longer attends red carpets anymore is because of her growing baby bump. In her last public sighting, it was observed that she had gained some weight. This could mean that the actress might be becoming a mother for the third time. She already has two children, Olive and George, with her husband Eric Siegel.

Close friends of the couple have even stated that Belknap is already on a pregnancy diet. She also plans to seek professional help for the duration of her pregnancy. She is very conscious about the health of her unborn child and is only eating organic food to ensure that her new born child is healthy. It is being claimed that she has decided not to eat anything that was not home-cooked until the birth of her third child.

Belknap has been married to Eric for 11 years now. People who are close to the couple have claimed that their relationship is still pretty stable. Both of them are considered to be kid-friendly people, so it seems natural that the two have decided to welcome one more child into their family.

It has been a long time since Anna Belknap was pregnant. She was pregnant with her second child about 6 years ago in 2009. She has been maintaining her hot and sexy figure since then. But now, the reports are coming out suggesting that the actress is once again having a child.

Anna Belknap’s relationship with her husband has gotten stronger with time. The two started out as boyfriend and girlfriend. After dating for more than 2 years, the two finally got married in 2004. Now, they are expecting a third child together. It is unlikely that the couple will ever get a divorce.

The actress has already established herself as a successful figure in the competitive Hollywood industry. So, it is understandable that she thinks it is the right time to expand her family.  She has made an appearance in several movies and TV shows. She is best known for her role in CSI: NY and Alchemy.

To her fan’s disappointment, Belknap is not very active on social networking sites. She doesn’t have an official Instagram and Twitter account.

Forbes magazine has put the actress in the no.1 spot of ‘People With Money’s’ list of 2015. Her total earning for the year is $215 million dollars. Her net worth, however, remains yet to be revealed.