Actress Angelique Cabral and boyfriend Jason Osborn, married since 2013, thinking of having kids???

HitBerryPublished on   31 Jan, 2016Updated on   20 May, 2021

The Life in Pieces actress Angelique Cabral has reportedly revealed her plans of expanding her family with husband Jason Osborn. After three years of marriage, let's see what the actress has to say about her plans for a family.

The actress recently revealed that she has no plans to have a baby at the moment. While the pair eventually want a baby, they are not in any hurry as they already got their dog Oscar and Cabral treats the dog like her baby. Oscar is the same Terrier Mutt Angelique adopted from the street and now it is her soulmate.

She has further added that she has plans for adopting a child who is orphan and does not have anyone to look after. She has reportedly said that their first child will be by birth and for the next baby, they will adopt.Cabral's got a soft corner for anyone who doesn't have family of their own.

Currently, the actress is busy with her TV show Life in Pieces .Because of her busy schedule and her husband Jason Osborn's business studies; she has postponed her plans of starting a family.

Despite this fact, Angelique believes that her late 30s as the perfect time for having kids. She further adds that most celebrities have kids after their 30s and not before that. After such evaluations, she believes her life will be easier if she thinks about children only after two or three years.

The actress married her long term boyfriend on July 20th, 2013. Her husband, Jason Osborn, is a Marketing Director at POM Wonderful. The couple married in Carmel, Calif at Holman Ranch. She chose this hotel as her wedding venue because it was the place where she had once worked as a waiter.

After dating each other for four years, the couple finally exchanged their vows in 2013. Angelique says, "It was the best day of my life."She wanted her wedding to be unique and beautiful. And so it was, with decorations and delicacies including scotch and mouth-watering ice creams.

Angelique Cabral is a self-made actress who has carried out  her personal and professional  life gracefully. This sexy beautiful actress of age 37 has a great height and body figure. She has already done 11 movies and a good number of Tv shows.

Angelique reveals that nothing has changed in her life since the wedding except that she has become Angelique-Cabral-Osborn.

Her husband Jason treats her with a' good morning wife' message every morning. And in return, she replies 'Good morning husband' and they crack up with laughter. “It is the mater of feeling secure with your loved one",says Angelique.

Now  all we have to do is wait to see whether this cute couple surprises us with a bay anytime soon or not.