Actress And Mother of Newly Born Child, Lucy Liu's Engagement Rumor, Getting Married To Boyfriend

Remember Lucy Liu from Charlie’s Angel? Of course, you do, I guess so. She does look like an angel. The beautiful and hot Lucy Liu is also a voice actress, director, singer, producer and an artist.

We have been hearing so much about her by the time she was pregnant. Once again her engagement rumors are hitting our ears. You are going right if you are here to know the fact about the rumors. We are going to tell you all about her engagement and marriage rumor.


Is Lucy Liu Secretly Married?

We all know that this sexy lady is already a mother who is already two years old. Lucy Liu is a proud mother of Rockwell Lloyd Liu who was brought up in the world via gestational carrier. She introduced her child by posting a picture on Twitter.

Lucy once dated Noam Gottesman, Israeli-American hedge-fund billionaire for almost four years. But that didn’t work out. Noam got married to Bianca Duenas in 2015. 

Lucy Liu with Noam Gottesman

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She was then linked with co-stars and other actors for a long time but she did not give a single clue to the media. None of her relationships were officially announced and ended anyways. She was once spotted holding hand-in-hand with an unknown guy which became hot news in the market but that was also secret she did not reveal.

Lucy spotted holding hand with an unknown guy

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Recently we got to hear that the lady was busy eyeing pricey rings and Jewelry for her engagement. We don’t know if it’s true or not. But lately, Lucy was rumored to have exchanged vows with her partner in a secret location with very few family and friends. We can assume that her love life is going very secretive.

The news flashed very rapidly when a friend of Lucy tweeted, ‘They looked like a happy couple’. Whether he was referring the false news or he was actually commenting for Lucy is unknown.

Lucy has been so successful in keeping stuff away from the media. Through the recent rumors, we can pretty much guess that Lucy is about to give his son a daddy. For now, we cannot say anything about the wedding. It remains a mystery until Lucy announces her engagement and marriage officially.

Lucy Liu

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Just look at her. I'm pretty sure she has a heck of history with guys. We're probably gonna find out soon about this subject soon.