Actress Ana de la Reguera dumps boyfriend Diego Bonetta, now dating celebrity Chef Mario Carbone

HitBerryPublished on   05 Dec, 2015Updated on   05 Dec, 2015

Ana de le Reguera, the Mexican bombshell, recently dumped her immature boyfriend Diego Bonetta. Ana, known for her sensual bikini photo shoots in popular fashion magazines, has time and again been voted into the top ten sexy female celebrity lists.

Last year, Ana topped the top ten hot Latin American female celebrity lists by beating fellow compatriot Salma Hayek to the number one spot for the second year in a row.

Ana has had a number of high profile boyfriends over the years from celebrities, journalist and politicians. Presently, Ana’s is dating celebrity Chef Mario Carbone and they seem to be very serious in their relationship. Mario has already introduced Ana to his parents. Ana has also shown her intentions of settling down and starting a family with Mario.

Sources claim that they are extremely happy with each other and they enjoy each other’s company a lot. Ana has mentioned a possible marriage between them in the near future. Ana, known for her numerous relationships, may finally be ready to settle down

Her first boyfriend was fellow actor Erick Elias, whom she dated for a year and then dumped for no reason. She then went on to date Jorge Ramos the journalist for about five years.

They, in their lengthy relationship, were quite the couple and were seen together on a number of occasions. They even began several charitable foundations together to help immigrants in US. Jorge, however, was dumped by Ana like her earlier boyfriend. But this time she has a good enough reason to dump him as he was found cheating on her with a number of different women.

After her split, she remained single for about a few months and was soon seen alongside Tomas Ruiz Gonzalez as his new girlfriend. The two stared of on a very positive note and sources close to them even sparked up rumors that they were planning to get married.

However, Ana left Tomas and sources have said that the reason behind the unexpected split was that Tomas wanted to marry her and settle down, whereas Ana had different plans for herself. Once again, single Ana did not spend much time quibbling over her failed relationship and was seen in a matter of months with her new found love Diego Bonetta.  

Diego, who also happened to be almost fifteen years younger than her, was over whelmed by Ana’s charm and beauty. Diego was so mesmerized by her that sources have said he kept asking Ana to marry him on a number of occasions, which left Ana with no option but to dump him.

 Ana stated that Diego proved to be very immature and childish and began showing his naivety time and again, which proved difficult and made it hard for them to have a stable relationship.

Ana’s ethnicity is Mexican. Her net worth remains undisclosed.