Actress Amanda Redman, age 58, admits to plastic surgery, may get a facelift in the future

November 1, 2015
First Published On: November 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Amanda Redman, aged 58 admitted in an interview in ITV's Lorraine that she had had plastic surgery in the past and even hinted at a facelift in near future.

The sexy actress quoted: “There's not a woman alive who wouldn't like to be 18 again.”

She is right indeed. Who in the world wouldn’t want to look as young, tender and beautiful as an 18 year old? The New Tricks star has admitted without any hesitation that she took the help of Botox and fillers along with healthy diet in order to retain her timeless beauty. The plastic surgery procedures have surely helped this woman to look young even in her late 50s.

The actress also stated the reason behind her inclination towards all this artificial procedures. Redman lost her mother and two of her close friends, including her longtime pal Oxo actress Lynda Bellingham, last year and slowly plunged into the sea of sadness and depression. She gained a lot of weight at the time and said that she had been 'bigger than I've ever been in my life'.

And the age difference between her and her graphic designer husband Damian Schnabel also contributed to her opting for Botox and fillers. Damian is 14 years younger than her and Redman confessed that she underwent difficulties and is still battling through insecurities, just to remain beautiful for her husband. She added: “In this profession [acting], there's a lot of pressure to look – and stay looking – a certain way. I've spent my career going up and down in weight, and I've always gone, 'I don't care what they think' because real women aren't sticks and I like playing real women.”

After gaining too much weight, the actress then decided to take on weight loss plan and after eight months she came out with a miraculously thin body and perfect look. She herself explained how Botox and fillers help her achieve that fuller look. She attributed her beautiful and wrinkle free skin, not only to the healthy diet, but also to the cosmetic procedure that she underwent.  

She said: “Don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise. I've had Botox and fillers in the past, but then I stopped. I might do it again, or have a facelift - I never say never about anything. At the moment, though, I don't feel the need. I'm alright with myself. In a year's time, I might not be.”

The BAFTA TV Award nominee added: “I was bigger than I've ever been in my life. When I weighed myself, that was a terrible shock. So literally the next day I went on a regime similar to the 5:2 diet – so two days of 500 calories, three days doing Slimming World, and then on weekends I do what I want. I've dropped a lot of weight.'

Redman became widely recognized for her role as Sandra Pullman in the BBC One series New Tricks. The actress bid farewell to the long running show in 2013. Redman has a scar on her upper left arm as a result of an accident when she was 15 months old. The actress suffered burns to 75 percent of her body after a pan of boiling turkey-and-vegetable soup fell over her. Redman survived despite being pronounced clinically dead at the time.

She has a daughter named Emily from her previous marriage to her former actor husband Robert Glenister. Redman is active on Twitter.