Actress Alison Steadman, age 69, and partner Michael Elwyn finally getting married?

January 14, 2016
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

It looks like actress Alison Steadman has finally made up her mind to get married to her long term partner Michael Elwyn. The couple has been together for almost twenty years, but never had they talked about exchanging wedding vows. But now, after almost two decades of staying together as a couple, the actress has finally shown desire to get married with Elwyn, a source claimed.

The English actress, who is best known for her National Society of Film Critics Award winning role as Wendy in the movie Life is Sweet, has been together with her partner since she separated from her former husband, director Mike Leigh. But the couple was happy to be together without marrying each other. However, now, according to the aforementioned insider, the much in love couple is planning on tying the knot. 

“Alison and Michael were never serious about getting married. They were/are happy living together as each other’s partners. But now, it seems they have finally shown the desire for marriage,” said the source. 

The informant further added, “Alison was married to Mike Leigh for almost twenty two years and two decades is not a short period of time. She and Mike gave birth to their two children and they were happy. They were a great couple with two adorable sons. But things did not work out as it should have and Alison and Mike separated.

“Alison has had her share of happiness and bitterness in marriage. She has a good experience of what marriage is like. She was a good wife and a caring mother, but she had had enough with family life. So, she never wanted to get married ever again in her life. Alison wanted to enjoy her life with her partner away from all the troubles of a married life and family.

“Michael has never been married before and he is already 73 years old. However, he has always been quite eager to get hitched to his lady love. But he never dared propose to her, not because he was scared of her, but because he loved her and respected her wish to stay unmarried,” revealed the source.

The gossip monger further spilled the beans claiming that the wedding was Steadman’s idea. “It is Alison’s idea, you know, getting married and all. She now thinks that it is high time for both of them to settle down with each other. Now that the couple is in their 70s, Alison has decided to take this brave step,” stated the tale bearer. 

So, if Steadman and Elwyn do ring the wedding bells, then everybody will surely be more than happy for the couple. 

Talking about Steadman’s former marriage, she started dating Leigh after meeting on the sets of the television film Hard Labour. They got married in 1973. The couple has two sons, Toby and Leo. After separating in 1995, the couple divorced in 2001. 

The actress, who is known for her short haircut, has kept her net worth undisclosed.