Actress Alicia Witt is NOT married!!! Annoyed with persistent rumors of dating and secret husbands...

June 29, 2017
First Published On: August 7, 2015
by HitBerry

The beautiful actress Alicia Witt is NOT married!!! As Witt is beautiful and sizzling hot, her millions of fans are regularly following to know if she is married or not.

Today, in this particular topic, we will be revealing the current relationship status of the charming Alicia Witt. Also, check out her past affairs too.

Actress Alicia Witt is NOT married

Alicia Witt is regularly followed by the rumors of being married. Wherever she goes, she is surrounded by the questions of tying the knot. It might be good news for you guys, Alicia Witt is not married.

Alicia Witt Alicia Witt    Source: dailymail

The talented actress has been plagued with constant rumors that she is dating someone and she is tired of denying these rumors and extremely annoyed with reports suggesting that she has a secret husband.

She once clarified these rumors on her Facebook page back in 2013, but these rumors are persistent and following her even two years later. So, to get the point across, we’ll say it one more time, she is NOT MARRIED!!!

Alicia Witt's Dating Life

Although the beautiful actress is not married, she has had an interesting love life. She started dating Peter Krause in 1998. The relationship did not last long, and they broke up in 1999.

Alicia Witt and Peter Krause Alicia Witt and Peter Krause    Source: gettyimages

She then found love with Nathan Foulger. They started dating from 2001, and it looked like they were extremely happy. But their relationship ended in 2006. She also dated musician Ben Folds, and their relationship lasted for two years. They dated from 2012 to 2014.

More on Alicia Witt

The talented diva, aside from being an actor, is also a singer, songwriter and a classically trained pianist. She has an undergraduate degree in piano. She has competed nationally.

Witt, age 39, was born in Massachusetts. Her parents are Diane Pietro and Robert Witt. Her mother is a high school teacher, and her father is a science teacher and a photographer. She has a brother whose name is Ian.

Alicia Witt Alicia Witt   Source: imgur

The beautiful actress started reading at the tender age of 2 and is considered a child prodigy.  She recited William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on the show “That’s Incredible” in 1980 when she was only five years old. Director David Lynch was very impressed by her. He began his work with her before she finished her high school.

The beautiful actress began her acting career in 1984 when she played the role of Alia Atreides in the movie Dune. She also appeared in a guest role in the TV series Twin Peaks in 1990. Since then she has appeared in some movies and TV shows. She is greatly loved by the audiences all over the world.

Witt is very active in the social media. She has her site where she updates her fans with her latest news. Her fans can connect to her with this website.  Her music is flawless, and her songs are amazing.

The hot diva stands tall at the height of 1.73 meters. Her measurements are 34-24-35. Rumors are saying that she had plastic surgery. We hear she got small breast implants that are fitting for her petite frame.

The hot red haired beauty is quite active on Twitter and Instagram. She tweets regularly and posts her pictures often on these sites.