Actress Alicia Coppola and husband Anthony Jones having a few more children through surrogacy??

HitBerryPublished on   18 Feb, 2016Updated on   18 May, 2021

Can’t get pregnant? No worries, these days there are various different ways of being a mother, among which surrogacy is one of the best options. And looks like Jericho actress Alice Coppola is Opting for it. 

Despite being a mother of three beautiful daughters, Coppola and her husband Anthony Michael Jones are apparently thinking of having more children through surrogacy.  

Well, their decision about having few more children through surrogacy is  probably not a  serious one, though. Since they are parents of three children by now and love to have more kids play around, the couple must have thought of surrogacy just like that.

Insiders claim that if they were to really have few more kids through surrogacy, then they would choose surrogate mother from European background as the actress is very huge fan of European-American hybrid.

An insider claim that if the couple were to have a surrogate baby they would wish for a son. 

The couple has not yet confirmed the news, so we are unsure if it is to be trusted. Guys Keep following us for the latest update.

Well! Whatever the plan is we won’t waste a second to share any hot and happening news scoop with our dear audience, so stay connected.

 Alicia Coppola is a renowned tv and film actress who kicked off her career in media by hosting a tv show. 

The actress has been active from 1991 and running high onto the demand of movie and series makers. Standing tall at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches, the actress is hot as ever. 

The gorgeous actress married a successful actor, producer and writer Anthony Jones popularly known as Father Coates in the popular among TV show, General Hospital. The insider also claims that their common profession is of utmost importance when it comes to the main reason behind their peaceful marriage.

The net worth of the actress is around $3 million.