Actress Alexa Davalos will not reveal her boyfriend or who she is dating unless she is getting married?

January 8, 2016
First Published On: January 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Actress Alexa Davalos, aged 33, has never been quite open about her personal life. And it has recently been claimed that the Clash of the Titans starlet will not reveal the name of her boyfriend or the man she is dating unless she is ready to get married to the guy. 

A source close to the actress spilled the beans on why Davalos was not ready, or should we say willing, to reveal the name of her lover before getting married? The insider, who claims to know the actress very well, came forth and gave us all the information on why she wanted to keep the identity of her boyfriend a secret until she got married. 

Hot Davalos herself pointed out her intention of keeping her private life low profile during one of her interviews with a magazine. She said that she loves to guard her private life from the media and outsiders because: “I think it’s a choice. I think it’s a conscious choice, and what you allow to affect you and what you don’t.” And according to the source, the actress is pretty much serious about her commitment to keeping her personal affairs within the four walls of her home, which includes her love life as well. 

The insider said: “Alexa is a private person and she does not want to anything that would risk putting her personal life on the limelight. This is the reason why she keeps herself away from media and the hawkeyed paparazzo. She is determined to live a decent and happy life like a normal person, rather than a life of a celebrity.”

The informant further informed: “Alexa is sick and tired of actors and stars who gladly open up their private secrets in interview or in front of public. She is currently single, but if she ever dates someone, she will only reveal him after their wedding. She has already thought it through and she does not want to make her relationship public, nor does she want the media following her to scoop out the entrails of her private life.”

So, according to the gossip monger, Davalos is happy to live a single and private life and she wil only reveal the name of her boyfriend after she marries him. 

Talking about her dating life, it was rumored that she was dating actor Josh Lucas from 2006 t0 2008. But their relationship did not work out. Or maybe the public exposure ended things for the two? Anyways, they broke up. And now, she is single and ready to mingle. But she is not ready to reveal the identity of her future boyfriend until their nuptials. 

The actress loves traveling and reading and has appeared in several movies. Her role as Juliana Crain, the lead character in the Amazon Studios series’ The Man in the High Castle’ took her to the heights of her career. 
This beautiful actress has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars.