Actress Adrienne King and husband Richard King, who already have two children, adopting another

December 13, 2015
First Published On: December 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Few people have started their acting career as early as Adrienne King did. Her first onscreen appearance was for an advertisement for an Ivory shop when she was only 6 months old. Even fewer people have been able to keep their life secret from media better than Adrienne King does. She has kept her personal life all to herself for all her life.

If you are a close follower of King, lack of news about her life in the media must have always frustrated you. But don’t worry, we have news that will certainly cheer you up. Our sources have confirmed that Adrienne King is soon going to adopt a baby with her husband Richard King.

Adrienne already has two children, Lucy and Sammi, with her husband. But, she is now considering adopting a child who will be the latest addition to her small family. The couple won’t be getting a divorce anytime soon, it seems, not with another baby to take care of together.

Rumors have it that the baby that she is going to adopt will be from Syria. The conflict between ISIS and the government of Syria has left Syria very disturbed. The conflict has left million of people homeless and many children without proper guardians. The migrant crisis that Europe is facing right now is caused by the same conflict.

Adrienne adopting a child from Syria is a direct message to her fans to support the migrant issue. Adrienne’s step is expected to gather support for the migrants. Adrienne’s popularity is also expected to get a sudden rise after this step.

 Many people have also claimed that her attempt is a publicity stunt. But judging from her past, we believe it is more of a positive action towards a noble cause. The American actress is actively involved in several charities. People close to Adrienne believe that she is extremely friendly and helpful.  So, her step being a mere publicity stunt is unlikely.

Adrienne’s first big role in Hollywood was in her appearance in 1980 classic, ‘Friday the 13th’. She played the role of Alice in the movie.  Her role as Alice was continued in the second installment of the franchise ‘Friday the 13th 2’. She rode the buzz that her performance in the movies had created to garner mainstream success.

Along with being an actor, Adrienne is also an acclaimed painter and dancer. She has shown her dancing skills several times in different TV and movie performances. Her paintings are sold through her personal website.

Adrienne King is very hot for somebody her age. She is already 55, but men half her age would give anything to be her boyfriend. They would be lucky to have an opportunity of dating her. Many of her fans wish to see the actress in social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. But, for now, it looks like the actress is not eager to join the site.

Her net worth is not revealed.