Actress Adrienne Janic and husband Bud Brutsman, getting tired of married life, rumors of divorce

January 28, 2018
First published on:December 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Magic seems to have run out in the marriage between Adrienne Janic and her husband Bud Burstman. The couple has been married for a long time now, but the reports are coming out that the two are thinking about parting ways.

They reportedly believe that they are no longer ‘the right person’ for each other.

The couples well-wishers seem to be hoping that the marriage would get stronger with time. But that is going to be very unlikely as things are standing right now. Reports suggest that the two are having irreconcilable differences regarding their marriage.

Reason for Janic and Bud Divorce

Adrienne Janic’s husband Burstman is a very busy man. He is known for his works as a TV producer and film producer. Due to his work commitments, he rarely spends time with his family. This is thought to be the main reason behind the two wanting to get a divorce. Janic reportedly believes her husband and she needed to spend plenty of time together to make their marriage work. 

There were also rumors suggesting that Burstman was secretly seeing somebody else earlier this year. Given the fact that he rarely spends time with his daughter and wife, it could be true. But those allegations have not yet been proven. So, it cannot be said for sure if Wurstman’s secret relationship is the reason why the couple is falling out of love.

We do hope Adrienne and Bud sort out their differences and prevents the divorce. But, even if they were to get a divorce, Adrienne won’t have a hard time finding a boyfriend. Her dark black hair and seductive eyes can put anybody under a spell. Some famous names from Hollywood would definitely like to fancy their chance with the actress.

Adrienne Janic Janic Career 

Janic has appeared in plenty of TV series. Her best-known roles were in the TV series, ‘House’ and ‘Overhaulin’. She is also set to make an appearance in a TV series titled ‘Competition Ready’. It is being suggested that she will be appearing as herself in the TV series.  She has also made plans to make an appearance in movies according to one of her interview.

Even though she is already in her early forties, you would think she is just in her early twenties if you glance at her Instagram feed. Her Instagram has several hot and sexy photos of her. She recently posted a photo of her in a bikini in her Instagram. That photo was liked more than 10k times.

Adrienne's net worth alone is not known. But, the combined net worth of Janice and her husband is believed to be somewhere around $20 million. 

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