Actress Abby Brammell happy with her second husband, thinking of having kids next year

September 25, 2015
First Published On: September 25, 2015
by HitBerry

Abby Brammel is the American beauty out of Texas, whom the southerners love for her genuine American looks. Abby is one of the few celebrities whose ethnicity is pure American. She is from an old American family as her family migrated to the continent during the sixteen hundred’s. They were one of the earliest settlers in the state of Texas.

Abby Brammel, in the year 2006, was married to the popular blues singer Jake La Botz, whom fans consider to be a living legend. The couple began dating around early 2005 and were seen together many times accompanying each other to functions and ceremonies. They eventually got married in the early months of 2006. The wedding was an extravagant ceremony which featured prominent personalities on the guest list. They married in their home state Texas.

The couples were seen as a married couple going on holidays to various destinations around the world. Jake also wrote a song for her, which gained wide spread popularity in the west coast and was the most popular song of the summer in the year 2007 in the west coast.

Having married for just under two and a half years, the couple filed for a divorce in the summer of 2008. When Abby was asked by a radio station in Texas as to the sudden break up of her young marriage, she answered “things were just not working out and didn’t seem like it would. We were in constant conflict with each other.

After her failed marriage with the Blues singer, Abby decided to take a hiatus from relationships but soon returned in the January 2010 to announce she was going to be married once again. Going further this time, she said “this time I am sure he is the one”. She married her current husband Stefan Bishop in the month of June in 2010 and has been together since. Stefan is a big time furniture merchant in her home state Texas.

Stefan and Abby seem to be very happy. Although, Stefan keeps himself away from the celebrity lifestyle his wife enjoys and hasn’t so far made an appearance with Abby on the red carpet or any other celebrity functions. Abby has said he is more of a normal guy who just wants a normal life and not any of this celebrity image.

Abby hasn’t had any children from either of her marriages but has expressed hopes of starting a family with Stefan sometime next year saying “it’s about time I had kids of my own.”

Abby has had a fairly successful career featuring in a number of TV shows and a few Hollywood studio movies. Her most prominent role was starring alongside Aston Kutcher in the 2013 movie “Jobs”. This was an adaption on the life of Steve Jobs. She has also featured in movies such as Like dandelion Dust and the TV show The Unit.

She doesn’t use any social networking sites like Twitter or Instagram. Her net worth remains to be undisclosed by her agency.