Actor Zane Holtz and girlfriend Chelsea Pagnini getting married after dating for nearly a decade??

HitBerryPublished on   31 Jan, 2016Updated on   31 Jan, 2016

According to our sources, actor Zane Holtz and his girlfriend Chelsea Pagnini are getting married after a ten years long relationship. They have been together since 2006 and now it seems it is time for them to get hitched.

The much in love couple is getting hitched this year if sources are to be believed. They have been continuing their love since a long time and are now ready to exchange their vows. The actor says that his love towards his girlfriend is genuine and our sources tell us that whether or not they get married, he already treats her as his wife.

Although they are not officially married, Chelsea is already wife for all intents and purposes. When our asked about their marriage, Chelsea told our sources that she totally agree with Zane  and that he is her life. She allegedly cannot think of living without him. However, regarding marriage, the couple has yet to reveal anything.

Born on the 18th of Jan, 1987, this Canadian actor-model began his career at the age of 5. He shot one of his early commercials on his 10th birthday. During his movies, he happened to meet Chelsea Pagnini. She is a make-up artist and has launched her own make-up sessions.

When they met in 2006, it was love at first sight for both of them. After one year of dating, Chelsea gave birth to their daughter, London Yves Pagnini on September 14, 2007. And now, they are the proud parents to an eight year old daughter.

This hottie is often seen in principle roles in television shows and films. He has also done a music video titled Confident in 2015. Having done about two dozen movies and TV shows, Zane continues to thrive in his career. He has been credited as an actor since his 2003 movie Holes, which earned $67,000,000 dollars in the box office.

Zane and Chelsea have been living together as partners for a long time .They have been spotted together by the media plenty of times. In addition to that, Chelsea writes her name as Chelsea Pagnini Holtz, which means the couple may even have gotten hitched secretly.

Despite several ups and downs in their relationship, the couple has always been seen together on public occasions and holidays.

Zane is currently working to climb the ladder of success in his career whereas Chelsea is busy with her makeup career and daughter London.

Some sources reveal that the couple had registered themselves to an online wedding registry site on April 19th 2014. But these rumors were proved wrong as they have not got officially gotten hitched yet. Well we will surely hear a lot more on this in the coming days…