Actor Xavier Samuel, age 32, getting back together with ex-girlfriend Emily Browning??

HitBerryPublished on   14 Feb, 2016Updated on   07 May, 2021

Actor Xavier Samuel’s breakup with girlfriend Emily became another victim of the “Summer of Breakups” in 2015. And since this news made headlines, we just can't keep our eyes off this sensational ex-couple.

Recently it has been reported through our sources that this couple might be patching up their differences. It is being said that both of them are really good friends now, despite their past.

According to reports, Emily, who is more in the headlines for her personal life rather than her professional achievements, confirms that she and ex-boyfriend Samuel are still great friends, even with all the history behind them.

Will this friendship turn into a romance again?? Well, maybe! As our insider has spotted the ex-couple together just few days ago, things could go down that road too.

Xavier Samuel and Emily Browning met in 2013 on the sets of American erotic thriller Plush and that's when sparks flew and their love blossomed.

During the promotional events, Emily was asked in an interview about their relationship, to which the couple blushed and gave a positive response. Since then, the media started spotting the couple together on several events, sometimes even holding hands.

Sources say Emily was hurt when their relationship broke off in 2015 after two and a half years of being together. It has already been around nine months since their break up. It is said that the couple broke up because they were drifting apart and had become two completely different people. The actress has reportedly claimed that although they are no more in love, Xavier has always been there for her.

Looks like there is something unfinished between the couple, which is driving them closer even after breaking up!!

Before Emily, the September actor was dating Phoebe Tonkin for eight months. He and eventually broke up with her in 2011.

This Australian actor has a great personality with many die-hard fans. He is a supporter of Adelaide Football Club in Australian Football League. The actor now claims to be single.

As for Emily Browning, age 28 she is single at the moment. The Sleeping Beauty actress has featured in a good number of movies and TV shows.

Many rumors have floated in the industry and people could not make out what was real and what was fake when it came to the two, but one thing is true and it is that both of them are still single.

Many believe that their friendship and not moving onto next relationship indicate a possibility that they might get back together. If it is so, we will certainly hear about it soon.

Despite being separated, the couple has been very cordial to each other and they certainly have some soft corner in their heart for each other, sources say.

Their net worth is still disclosed.