Actor Vincent Gallo, who is currently single with no wife or girlfriend, will have sex with you for $50,000

November 24, 2015
First Published On: November 24, 2015
by HitBerry

In today’s world, being single can prove to be difficult sometimes and can even lead one to do or say things that they never imagined they would in a right mindset. This could be the only reason why, Vincent Gallo, a popular actor singer who has remained single for a while, is now offering to have sex with women who can afford him. Apparently, the price one must pay in order to have Vincent is a whopping sum of $50,000.

What is more astounding than the fact that he offering his body on a public scale, is that the fee for an evening is fifty thousand. But those wanting to spend an entire weekend with him would have to pay twice as much.

He has mentioned that he is available for women of all races and color, but he has not only shown he is a racist by the message on the advertisement he has given, but also a sexist and a disgusting person.

If you thought that was it, think again. He has also infringed in the LGBT community by saying he is willing to give services to lesbian women over a weekend for a sum of $200000.He even goes further by stating that after the supposedly “Lesbos Weekend”, some will have to rethink their physical preferential needs.

Vincent is even ready to travel the world to please his clients and go to the ends of earth to deliver on his services. However, the clientele must provide premium flight packages for him. He goes even further to insult women by saying a prior STD scanning is mandatory, and so is bathing and grooming.

He hasn’t made it any easy for the desiring clients as he has asked them to send a detailed photo of themselves. To add salt to the wound he has inflicted on women all over the world, he further asks for a security fee, which will be determined by the amount of security he will need at any given time and circumstance.

He is not done yet. He wants his potential suitors to screen the controversial scene from his movie “The Brown Bunny” so that they are fully aware of what to accommodate when they meet him. He goes on to insult women even further and showcasing that he is just a total nuisance and shouldn’t be given any attention.

He has further proved his ability to misconduct and devalue women by claiming that discounts will be offered to women who can link a direct family link to German soldiers of World War II. He has gone to the say he guarantees a Jewish offspring to any that is willing.

Vincent, apart from being a total annoying person, is also considered an artist and his movies have gained widespread recognition. Vincent has never been married before although he has had numerous girlfriends, all who have claim that he is a disturbing man.

His net worth remains undisclosed.