Actor Trevor Eve's wife Sharon Maughan talks about his affair that nearly destroyed their married life

HitBerryPublished on   14 Jan, 2016Updated on   14 Jan, 2016

English film and television actor Trevor Eve is enjoying the fourth decade of his marriage with his wife, actress Sharon Maughan. They seem perfectly happy and very much in love. But how many of you know that Eve reportedly cheated Maughan with his personal hair dresser, Georgina Napier a few years back?

Well, during the filming of the second series of ITV’s Kidnap and Ransom, the actor allegedly shared the balcony of the luxury £1 million apartment in Cape Town with, Napier. The duo was seen sunbathing on the third-floor terrace, sharing intimate moments together. The lady was seen topless. 

His infidelity brought a lot of problems to Eve and Maughan’s three decade long relationship. The wife and mother of three even revealed that their relationship was on the rocks for a quite a long time. She said that Eve and she had a ‘rollercoaster relationship’. But according to the actress herself, the couple is doing well together and they have learnt to forgive each other. 

The wife of the 64 year old handsome hunk admitted that the news of Eve flirting and seeing another woman totally devastated her and it almost broke their marriage. But now, everything seems fine between the couple. Eve and Maughan are trying their best to make their relationship as good as it was in the past. 

The actress talked about how it felt to hear rumors about her husband cheating. She said: “I've heard so many stories about Trevor and myself – about other women, things he's meant to have said,' she said.

'But you stop listening in the end. And, if anything rings vaguely true, you just deal with it. You can't listen to s**t – it drives you insane – but nor should you tolerate s**t. I don't believe that any woman should.

“I can categorically say we've never had an open marriage. Some people in our profession do and we don't. I don't know a woman alive who would happily accept that. Cheating's horrible and the suggestion of it is horrible. Trevor's my best friend and there's never been a time we haven't spoken to one another every day or taken care of one another,” she further added.

She also admitted that all the rumors about Eve made her want to leave the marriage. But Eve and she handled the situation together and sorted out the mistakes they made in their past. 

“But there have definitely been periods when we haven't got on so well. We've been married more than 30 years. Of course I've been tempted to leave my relationship.” she admitted. “I'm only human. Nobody could be married for that long and not hate their partner at some point, or want to jump on the nearest bus and get as far away from them as possible or kick them out.”

Eve’s act of infidelity almost shattered his long and happily wedded life with his devoted wife. But the actor realized his mistakes and made amendments. And that saved his marriage with Maughan. 

The couple married each other in 1980 after a year of dating. The husband and wife duo met each other in 1979 during the West End production of Filumena. They have three children, actress Alice Sophia, filmmaker Jack and George.