Actor Treat Williams and wife Pam Van Sant getting a divorce after nearly 3 decades of married life??

HitBerryPublished on   29 Feb, 2016Updated on   08 May, 2017

Treat Williams (December 1, 1951), the legendary actor is now at his age of 64. He has contributed a lot  to movies and TV shows with his intense acting skills. In last 44 years of his acting career, he has been able to win millions of heart. And it’s obvious that he has got a large number of fan following.

 He married his girlfriend, Pam Van Sant after dating her for some time. They got married in 1988 and their marriage is still going strong.

As the couple has spent their 28 years of life together so, we don’t see a single chance of their divorce. The couple has not yet gone through any rough patches in their relationship. Thus, it is safe to assume that they are going as strong as ever.

The couple has two children: Ellinor Williams and Gill Williams. Treat’s life is as perfect as his career. And yeah, he is living a financially sound life because he is successful in his career and he has a large earning.

Treat seems very active in social networking sites like Twitter as he is found uploading many pictures and posts in the site. He has 82 hundred followers in Twitter. And it’s not a big thing to hear because his acting is so awesome that anyone could be his fan after watching his movies and TV shows.

Treat is a tall man with a good height of 5 inch 10 centimeters. It is heard that in his young days he used to experiment with his hair. Treat seems conscious about his looks that’s why at his age of 64 also he still looks young as he had maintained his health and looks along with his careers.

So, to talk about his acting career, Treat debuted from the thriller movie Deadly Hero. He came into limelight in 1979 when he had appeared in the movie Hair. His movie includes The Ritz, Why Would I Lie? Prince of the City, The Phantom, Once Upon A Time In America, etc. Treat’s TV shows credits include : American Playhouse, Good Advice, Heartland, American odyssey, etc.

For his amazing roles, he was nominated thrice for the Golden Globe Award for movies Hair and Prince of the City and a television show A Streetcar Named Desire. He was also nominated for the Emmy Award for his work in The Late Shift.

His net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Recently Treat’s family is living in Manchester, Vermont. There had been some rumors about his death,   however, he is still alive and working hard.

We wish Treat to live for 100 of years and entertain us more with his great talent.