Actor Travis Van Winkle dating his co-star from "The Last Ship"?? Marissa Netting is his new girlfriend!!

HitBerryPublished on   21 Sep, 2015Updated on   06 May, 2021

Travis Van Winkle is an American actor who features in the popular American TV show The Last Ship. It has been known that there is a rumor going around Hollywood that Travis has been dating his co-star Marissa Netting.  But both Travis and Netting have maintained their silence when asked about bringing their on screen relationship to the real world.

Travis first met Marissa when they began filming for The Last Ship. Fans have said that they were seen quite often going for lunches and walks together and even shopping for Christmas. Travis has mentioned that his idea of a date is a daylong engagement starting with something active like yoga then walk back home freshen up, after which having a brunch .

And the only person that has been seen with Travis in his customary routine has been Marissa. He has even taken Marissa to the beach by himself and is known to do this only when he is seeing someone. Travis also is considered to be an athletic person and known to take his date to the beach for swimming or either playing Frisbee.  

Since Travis doesn’t like his dates to be a very serious affair in an expensive restaurant over wine and dine, Travis and Marissa have been seen going to various locations in Hollywood for a casual evening, which Travis considers to be a perfect date, somewhere quite, serene and peaceful.

Travis has said several times on camera and on interviews that he is a romantic person and is very excited about getting married. He says he has been looking for his wife for a long time but somehow feels he doesn’t have to look for one anymore.

He has also said that before getting married, he would like to know his future wife for a while before they consummate on their marriage. There are speculations that Travis at the moment is getting to know Marissa better.

Travis is known to be Michael Bay’s special character and has appeared in two of Michael’s movies the Transformers and Friday the 13th. His new TV show The Last Ship has also been produced by the legendary Hollywood director. His other outstanding work includes the movie Accepted, which was a critical hit worldwide.

Other than movies, Travis is also known for his numerous appearances on TV and is known to have appeared in over a dozen hit TV shows .Shows like the O.C , Veronica Mars , 90210, Law and Order, Two and a Half men and Hart of Dixie in which he is a recurring cast member.

Travis isn’t very active on social net working platforms like Twitter but is known to post feeds once in a while and has a over 17K followers he can be followed under the username @TVdub. Travis’s net worth remains undisclosed by his agency but he is known to make big money among his co-stars .