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Actor Travis Fimmel compares filming of 'Warcraft' with something like 'Vikings'

May 31, 2016
First published on:May 31, 2016
by John

The Viking ruler king and the unbeatable hero from the Viking age Ragnar Lodbrok is none other than our favorite Australian actor Travis Fimmel who is one of the fan favorites from the series ‘Vikings’. The actor is legendary and he sure loves to play in movies featuring kingdom, realm, and war. Not to mention he is extra good in whatever he does.

So, why is this actor is making a news this time? Well, the actor who starred in the 2016 movie ‘Warcraft: The beginning’ was successful to gain much of a fandom. His act in the movie was splendid and the movie itself was marvelous. This fantasy movie was directed by Duncan Jones who is one of a kind and is highly critically acclaimed person as a director.

Now the reason why we are trying to bring two different movies and series on the same page is the actor compares filming of 'Warcraft' with something like 'Vikings'. How? Yeah, we know both are related to history, legend, and fantasy but let me tell you about how the actor finds it comparable being on the set of ‘Vikings’ and “warcraft’.

The thing is Travis Fimmel directly spoke to entertainment focus about his experience filming in Warcraft and the Vikings. According to him shooting in Vikings are much easier as his job is done as and when his acting is finished but in the case of Warcraft he had to keep on acting and it is kind of tough though more enjoyable. He is fascinated by how the genius people can edit and give his work a completely different face by adding music and effects into his work in case of Warcraft.

Simply, it looked liked he enjoyed more while in fliming of Warcraft than in the Vikings but the series we talking about i.e Vikings, it simply is not the lame one, I mean it is one of the high rated history series. The thing is the actor might be fascinated by the filming of Warcraft which definitely doesn’t mean that he did not enjoy while filming in Vikings.

He said, “Well, with Vikings you’re lucky as you’re on real boats and you shoot it and the job is finished. They edit and put music on it, but this was such a long process. We’re so lucky though as we’ve got Toby Kebbell etc who we’re still acting with most of the time.” Additionally, he shared about how he was fascinated by the teamwork and their style of transformation.

“I was blown away when I was acting with Toby and he’s got his pyjamas on and that sort of stuff  – the motion capture suit and then you see the film two years later – and I was just blown away with what they can do… and these creatures… you really feel for them because there is a human playing it, and it’s his really eyes… and I think it makes a big difference.” He explained. He even shared the different dimensions of the concept that the director himself planned to plant while making the movie itself.

He said, “Duncan made a choice not to make a typical bad guy and a typical good guy so there’s good and bad on each side and there are great characters to root for on both sides. It’s not one dimensional in that way – well, it’s three-dimensional isn’t it!?”

Yes, it definitely is, the movie was a blast and Travis was just amazing. The movie was able to hit the box office of $432.2 million which is definitely a big ass amount. The movie was exclusively released on June 10, 2016 (United States). SO, have you watched it??

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