Actor Tom Conti, age 74, disillusioned with Hollywood. Says acting in movies and TV shows is a waste of time

HitBerryPublished on   14 Jan, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

Scottish actor, theatre director and novelist, Tom Conti, aged 74, feels that he was/is disillusioned with Hollywood. The Tony Award winning actor feels that acting in movies and TV shows is a waste of time. 

Being one of the most popular actors in the show biz, a statement like that coming from Conti may have surprised you all. But believe us, he really does think that being in Hollywood was just a waste of time. 

The legendary actor talked about how he disliked his profession in an interview with The Telegraph. Conti said that he was not much in love with his profession nowadays.

“Acting is a waste of a life. There are so many actors now – 85,000 in the UK, but only a few hundred in work on any one day. I meet people at the stage door with a young child in tow and they say, how can we help our child to be an actor?

“And I say, don’t do it. It’s a lousy job unless you are one of the very few. I have lost two friends who have killed themselves because of it. Actors live in this sort of despairing hope. You think, one day things will change, but they rarely do. Or somebody will get a decent part and nothing comes from it,” the actor stated.

Conti came in to the movie industry after his family encouraged him to. And the Reuben, Reuben star blamed his family, mostly his parents, for encouraging the actor in him. “It was their fault! They took me to the theatre when I was little, and I loved the West End – it was so exciting.” 

Though he blames his parents for everything, he still is quite busy doing stage work. He and his wife, Scottish actress Kara Wilson, are part of their daughter Nina’s support network. The family is touring around the country and Conti has said that his son-in-law has currently halted his work as a comedian in order to look after their children. 

“It’s a huge problem for women with children to tour,” said Conti referring to his daughter and grandchildren, “and so for tours, it’s very difficult to cast them.” 

Talking about his experiences during the tour, the veteran actor said: “You get a bit sweaty as the opening night approaches, as the terror encroaches on all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done 8,000 performances, it’s always terrifying for everyone. I was trying to think of a profession where you go to work terrified. I could only think of bomb disposal.”

And when asked what he was scared of Conti replied: “Of going out on stage and drying up. No actor is not scared of forgetting his words.”

 Besides hating his profession and touring, the Academy Award nominated star is worried about aspiring actors who come out of drama school. He said: “There’s no training ground at all now. Actors come out of drama school – and I want to say, go and ask for your money back. They have taught you nothing.”

Despite being unsatisfied with his profession, the actor has not stopped working. He is still active today has won several prestigious awards for his work.

Conti has been married to Wilson since 1967. His net worth remains undisclosed.