Actor Timothy Omundson, age 46, at the height of his career, loves playing the king in the new TV Show Galavant

HitBerryPublished on   14 Jan, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

Actor Timothy Omundson, aged 46, at the height of his career seems to love playing the king in the new TV Show Galavant. 

The American actor, who is mostly known for his supporting role as Sean Potter on the CBS television series Judging Amy, has said that he loved playing the role of King Richard on the musical comedy extravaganza, ‘Galavant.'

The actor, who has been in the show business for more than twenty years, is having heck of a time portraying the role of King Richard. So why does the actor enjoy being the king? What is so special about this particular role? Let us hear it from Timothy himself. 

Timothy has already stolen the show and fan’s hearts by portraying the character of ‘King Richard’ on ABC’s American fairy tale-themed musical comedy television series ‘Galavant.'

Talking about King Richard, he was once an evil king who kidnapped and forced Madalena, hero Galavant’s true love, to marry him. But after being betrayed by Madalena, (she allies with Richard’s best friend and bodyguard Gareth to overthrow him from his throne), Richard reluctantly partners with Galavant in a quest to reclaim his kingdom. 

The story mostly deals with love and heroism, but it also shows the bromance between King Richard and Galavant. And this is the reason why the dashing actor, Timothy loves his character so much. 

A source close to the actor gave us an exclusive detail on how the unlikely friendship between Timothy’s character and Galavant is the main reason behind the former’s affection towards his character. The insider stated that King Richard’s multiple personalities fascinated Timothy from the very beginning. “Tim is totally in love with King Richard. He loves his character and enjoys being the bearded the king,” said the source.

“Every actor loves his character, but Tim’s affection towards his is something I have hardly seen in my life. He respects King Richard and loves him in a way no other actor loves his character. He loves the fact that despite being evil and stealing Madalena from Galavant, he takes his help to reclaim his throne and kingdom after he feels threatened by Madalena. He forces her to marry her. But after knowing her true intentions, he seeks Galavant’s help, whom he betrayed in the past.

“And this contrasting nature and multiple personalities within a single person fascinate him the most. He always says that he feels extremely happy to have gotten the chance to play such a diverse character, who is evil, coward, brave, desperate and funny at the same time,” explained the source.

Timothy is also popular for his roles as Eli on the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, Carlton Lassiter in Psych, as King Richard on the musical series Galavant, and as Cain in Supernatural. He has also appeared in several other TV shows and movies. 

The actor is married to his beautiful wife, Allison Cowley. The couple have a daughter named, Lily Omundson. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars.