Actor Thomas Middleditch and wife Mollie Gates already thinking of having kids months into their married life

December 27, 2015
First Published On: December 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Thomas Middleditch and wife Mollie Gates are already thinking of having kids, months into their married life.

They haven’t even been married for a year and the hot couple is already planning to expand their family. We learnt exclusively from a source close to the newly married pair that these two love birds are already ready for children.

The insider, who claimed to have known both Middleditch and Gates for a long time, revealed the future plans of this adorable duo. They said that the husband and wife are eager to have kids soon. 

The informant spilled the beans on the things Middleditch and his pretty wife have been thinking of doing as soon as they got married. They said: “Thomas and Mollie have several things on their wish list. They planned on going for a world tour right after their marriage, but the couple had to drop the idea as both of them were quite busy then. And another thing in their wish list was children.

“They were not so serious regarding having kids before their wedding, but it became a top priority after their marriage. Mollie is not pregnant right now, but she and Thomas are determined to have a child or two in the next four years. 

“They simply adore children and they can’t wait to have their own,” stated the insider.

The Canadian actor, comedian, and television writer, who is most popularly known for his lead role as Justin Frost in the 2009 romantic comedy Splinterheads and as Richard Hendricks in the HBO series Silicon Valley, did not want to have kids just yet. According to the gossip monger, Middleditch, who is working pretty hard to reach the ultimate height of success, was not in favor of having children right now. But he changed his mind for his baby doll because the prospect of becoming a father was way too beautiful than the idea of getting his dream job in Hollywood. 

“I don’t know, we might be getting the good news of Mollie’s pregnancy any time soon. But I am not sure if they will make the news public before their first child is born. Both Thomas and Mollie love a hushed up life, so they might decide to keep it a secret,” concluded the informant.

Middleditch and his costume designer girlfriend Mollie Gates started dating each other in 2012. The couple got engaged in June 2015 and shared their wedding vows in August this year. 

According to several sources, the actor popped the question when he and Gates were on a holiday earlier this year. 

The talented young actor shared a lovely tweet on his Twitter handle on the day of their wedding saying: “Got married today. It was chill. K gotta go bye.”

The stand-up comedian, who is famous for his Nerdist Podcast, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars.