Actor Thomas Mann dating his co-star Sophie Turner?? Is she his new girlfriend??

November 24, 2015
First Published On: November 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Thomas Mann, who took the world by storm this year by showcasing his exceptional acting abilities in the independent movie “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”, is rumored to be dating Sophie Turner, one of the most loved celebrities from the world wide hit show “Game of Thrones”.

The two were spotted filming for an upcoming movie and a lucky few who got to see the shoot claimed that they seemed very comfortable with each other and were even seen cozying up with each other. However, Tom has dispelled all such rumors by stating “It was all part of the movie, nothing more”.

Thomas instead, says he is very busy working on numerous projects and has got no time to spare on affairs. Thomas, over the years, has been linked to several girls, but he has yet to claim any of them as his girlfriend.  He was also rumored to be dating his “Me and Earl & the Dying Girl” co-star Olivia Cooke.

The two were seen together in and around New York and London, where Olivia is based. They still maintain a very strong friendship between them and are very supportive of each other. Olivia has remarked that Thomas is her special American Friend.  

Thomas has, so far, never been officially linked with anyone on a romantic scale and sources claim that he is whole heartedly dedicated to his work and it is almost impossible for him to find time for such ventures.

Thomas, whose career has sky rocketed ever since he starred in the widely popular movie “Project X”, has climbed to great heights since then and is now one of the most sought after young actor in the business.

Thomas has starred in numerous blockbuster and independent movies proving he as an actor with a unique skill set, which allows him to work in the juxtaposing environment, comfortably and with ease.

Some of the notable movies which he has been a part of are “ Beautiful Creatures”, “As Cool as I Am”, “The Stanford Prison Experiment”, “ Barely Lethal”, “Blood Father”. He is currently working on two major studio productions set to premier early next  year, “ Brain on Fire” and “Kong: Skull Island”.

Thomas’s parents are humble people who have supported him in every step of his treacherous journey and continue to do so. He has, time and again, thanked them for their unwinding support and love. Thomas, on his Instagram profile, has shown the world that he is a very down to earth person and has not been affected by fame as his counter parts have. He can be followed on Instagram as thomas_mann.

Thomas’s net worth remains to be undisclosed. Some sources claim that Thomas is one of the highest paid young actors in America due to his exceptional acting abilities.