Actor Thomas Lennon and wife Jenny Robertson having a second baby!!

December 30, 2015
First published on:December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Hilarious comedian Thomas Lennon and his beautiful actress wife Jenny Robertson have a whole new reason to be happy. They have recently announced to their close friends and family that they are expecting another baby, according to sources.

Jenny who, sources claim, already had started to show signs of a baby bump, has stopped coming over on the sets of her upcoming projects. Thomas, on the other hand, seems to have found rejuvenated energy in his life, say his close friends and colleagues.

Sources claim that the couples are both excited to welcome a new member to their family and have already begun preparing the baby’s room. They have also reportedly finalized all the medical and emergency requirements with their local hospital.

Jenny has invited a few of her close friends to help her out in the months leading to her labor. Thomas, on the other hand, has been making sure everything that is required is available for his wife and the coming baby.

They have also said that they plan to baptize their child according to Roman Catholic traditions. Thomas and Jenny have only one son so far, Oliver Lennon who was born in 2009. Sources claim that even Oliver is very happy that he is soon going to have a sibling. The little boy tries his best to help his mother with small chores around the house.

Thomas and Jenny have been married for over a decade now and are one of the most adored couples in Hollywood. They, prior to getting married and becoming husband and wife, were dating for over a year and a half. Jenny has time and again said that she loves her husband as he is very funny and continues to make her laugh and support her like no other person.

Thomas is also close friends with his “The State “and “Reno 911” co-actors Kerri and Kenny. They met at theatre camp when they were just 16 years old and have formed a strong bond between them over the years.

Thomas, as a professional, is not only a comedian but also a screenwriter and director. Some of his most notable movies are “ Night at the Museum” ,”Hancock”, ”17 Again”,”  I Love You,Man” and “Hell baby”. He is currently filming his forthcoming projects “Monster Trucks”, which is set to release in the first month of 2016.

He has also recently been cast as the lead in the new comedy show “The Odd Couple”. Additionally, he is working on an animated movie “Nick and Ship“ where he is doing a voice over role for a lead character. The movie is set to premier on March 2016.

Thomas is a much followed personality on social media and has over 500 K followers in total. He is a frequent Twitter user and is known to post fresh tweets multiple times a day. He can be followed @thomaslennon on Twitter.

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