Actor Terry Kinney, who has been married and divorced twice, still friends with both his ex-wives??

February 23, 2016
First published on:February 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Despite being divorced twice, actor Terry Kinney has been successfully able to be in good terms with both his ex-wives.

Terry got married to his first wife Elizabeth Perkins in 1984 who was also his co-star in the HBO drama series Oz. But the couple got divorced four years later. He got married again in 1993, this time to Kathryn Erbe. Although the marriage lasted for thirteen years and the two of them had two shildren together, their personal differences caused them to drift apart.

But despite their differences, they seperated in good terms. After their marriage, when they started to realize that their personal differences and belief are more than what they bargained for, Terry and Kathryn might have decided to get divorced. This is quite a mature act as many couples have continued their relation despite all the differences which almost always ultimately end to bad further relation among them. This may have been the reason why Terry and his exes are still friends.

He is currently dating actress Laurie Metcalf who herself got divorced just a year earlier. There have not been any rumors of them getting married but we can only guess that they will sooner or later.

Whenever Terry and Kathryn meet, they can be seen as normal people without any scent of weirdness lingering around them. They are often spotted talking on various occasions such as programs and award ceremonies.

Terry Kinney is a professional actor. Although he started his career from theatre, he has gained his share of success in the big screen.

He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. Terry is best known for his role of Emerald City in the American prison drama series Oz and as Sam Bosco in the television series The Mentalist. His performance also presented him with the nomination for the Joseph Jefferson Award for best supporting actor in Death of a Salesman. He has also been awarded for his role as actor, director which shows his versatility in this industry. His roles in the movie Save the Last Dance (2005) and Game of their Lives (2001) were also well received by viewers and critics alike.

Known for his personality, Terry has become one of those actors that have made the name with their performance. Terry is also a founding member of ‘Steppenwolf Theatre Company’. This was as the result of his love of theatre acting and his passion to promote it and teach it to the future generations. His present girlfriend Laurie is also one of the founding member of this company.

His net worth is not yet disclosed but based on his performance and contribution, we can only assume that it is hefty. 

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