Actor Steven Williams and wife Ceri Williams upgrading their married life with children?

February 29, 2016
First Published On: February 29, 2016
by HitBerry

Steven and Ceri Williams' wedding was something that is memorable to everyone. As a surprise to Ceri, Steven made a video of several celebrities wishing them luck for their future via twitter. These celebrate came together and made a video that is really one of a kind. The celebrities include Jimmy Carr, Jonathan Ross, Alan Fletcher and Matt Lucas along with other stars.

This 12 minute video is easily available around the web and is guaranteed to make you all teary-eyed. No one can deny that it might be one of the best surprise that one can cook up, especially for a wedding.

Their marriage was a big hit for them and audience as well. For Ceri, it was surely the moment that she might never forget. Her first surprise as a newly wedded wife was surely a grand one. Now they might be expecting a baby. Rumor has is that they are finally ready for a children and settle as a happy family. Their relationship even before marriage had been going along well and it seems that their decision for getting married for a long term. So, they might have decided to welcome a child to complete their family.

Steven is known for his role as Captain Adam Fueler in the hit American comedy TV show 21 jump street. Johnny Depp is a given, but we have to admit Steven Williams’ performance was also as exceptional as Depp’s. His other outstanding performance includes his roles as  Lt.Burnett in The Equalizer and Rufur Turner in Supernatural. Similarly his role in the television series L.A Heat that aired in 1999 was also praised by many viewers. His portrayal of Detective August Brook was the perfect personification of a tough guy detective. Steven has also appeared as himself in various documentaries and TV shows.

Steven Williams has appeared in dozens of movies and television series and made cameos in others as well. He has won various awards for his movie Graves End (2005) and has been nominated for few more, one including best actor in Joseph Jefferson awards in 1977.

His photo was put as cover photo Cult Times (UK) in one of the issues in 1996. Steve is also regarded as one of the famous black male celebrity. There has been few rumors that he was once discriminated for his descent but they has not made any claim for or against it. Even if it is true, his determination and performance has turned him into a likeable celebrity.

His net worth are subject to various estimation as it has not been explicitly revealed. It is, however assumed to be in millions of dollars.