Actor Steven Michael Quezada, age 52, and wife Cherise Desiree Quezada having trouble in their married life??

HitBerryPublished on   31 Jan, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

Steven Michael Quezada and his wife are reportedly at odds right now!!!

Actor Steven Michael Quezada got married to his wife Cherise on 2007. Their marriage was one of the memorable moments of the year. And now, almost a decade later, they are parents to four children. Although they can be seen together on many occasions on the red carpets, they don’t often reveal much about their private life.

But, according a few gossip sites, these two might be having some relationship trouble. They said it takes two of a kind to know the pain of one. Steven and Cherise however fail at this frontier.

Even though Cherise has stated that she supports her husband, their conflicting interests and lack of time they spend as a family may have been the reason behind this dispute. We don’t know for certain if they are even having any differences or not, but rumor has it it’s true. And moreover, it is interesting to think about it. Isn’t it??

The pair are suspected of having some family drama going on. But before you ask, no, none of them are having any affairs outside of their marriage. As of now, their hearts belong to each other. It seems to be just a small fight between couples. But then again, you never know to how big the commotion could grow.

Playing a lead role in a critically acclaimed television series is never easy. But perfectionist Steven Michael Quezada knows how to hit the mark. For those of us who watch The Breaking Bad, he needs no introduction for we not only know who he is, we also know what he is.

Regarded as one of the most prominent characters behind the success of ‘Breaking Bad’, Steven Michael Quezada is one of the most sensational actors out there. DEA Steven Gomez can and will never be portrayed by anyone better than Quezada

Born on 1963, Steven is currently 52 years of age. By the time he got married on 2007, he was already 44. Together, the pair have 4 children. He has a happy family and a great career. He must be very lucky to have his both his personal and professional life balanced and fulfilled.

He has appeared in many movies and TV shows. He started acting later than most people. In fact, he was already 40 when he started to act in movies. Despite being someone who started his acting career late, one can hardly point out any flaws in his acting. He is that proficient.

He is reported to be an avid fan of action comedy movies. This might be because he is actually very charming and active person in his real life.

The actor sure earns loads of money. His net worth is reported to be around $2 million dollars.