Actor Steven Culp and wife Barbara Ayers think becoming parents was the greatest thing they've ever done

January 5, 2016
First published on:January 5, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor Steven Culp and wife Barbara Ayers reportedly think that becoming parents was the greatest thing they've ever done. Yes people, this power couple feels that giving birth to their child and raising them were the greatest thing they think they’ve done in their entire life. 

A source close to the American film and television actor, who is best known for his role as Rex Van de Kamp on ABC's Desperate Housewives, revealed to us that the actor and his beautiful wife consider their two adorable children the greatest and most precious gift of God. The insider also gave us all the detailed information on how happy and proud Culp and Ayers were to become parents to their angels.

The insider said: “Steven and Barbara became parent a long time ago, but they can’t have enough of their two kids; Joe and Katie. They are so much in love with these two angels that Steven and his wife consider being parents the greatest thing they’ve ever done in their life. 

“They are proud to be father and mother to Joe and Katie. They shower love and affection to these two like they won’t be seeing their children ever again in their lives. They are literally the proudest and the most loving parents I have ever seen in my life,” added the informant. 

The source also claimed that the loving parent duo fulfill every single demand of their kids.

“They can’t see their children in need or pain. They fulfill all their wishes with a click of a finger. If Joe and Katie want something, for example a new bicycle, then Steven and Barbara don’t wait for tomorrow. They just go to the shop and buy one for them, even it is midnight,” explained the informant.

And according to the source, the reason behind couple’s immense love for the kids is also the murder of Steven’s half-sister, Kathryn Harvey back in 2006 along with her husband, Bryan and their two daughters, Stella and Ruby. They revealed that Steven was broken after he heard the news of his sister and her family’s death. It was then that he vowed to live his life to the fullest and love his children unconditionally.

“He thinks that the way Kathryn, her husband and her two daughter lost their lives untimely, anybody could die any moment, so why not live this short life by loving and caring for his family and children?” stated the source.

The murderers of Culp’s sister and her whole family were responsible for the deaths of several other people as well as other crimes in Richmond, Virginia where they lived. 

Culp, who has appeared in several movies, is said to have a net worth of around $5 million dollars. But, some online sources also claim that he is worth $8 million dollars. 

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