Actor Stephen Dorff and girlfriend Charlotte McKinney, who is half his age, still dating and going strong

December 28, 2015
First published on:December 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Remember how they say age is just a number when two people love each other? That saying certainly seems to be holding true when it comes to Immortals star Stephen Dorff and his girlfriend Charlotte McKinney. Dorff is 42 years old at the moment while McKinney is 22, but their relationship seems to be getting even stronger.

Dorff had not been seen together with his girlfriend since July of 2015. This had led to speculations that the relationship between them was over. There were claims that the age gap between the couple was the main reason behind their break-up. But, on 27th of December, 2015, Dorff was seen with his girlfriend in LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

The two were seen together right after Christmas. Many news outlets have claimed that the couple was travelling back to Los Angeles from Atlanta. Dorff’s parents live in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is being suggested that he took his girlfriend to meet his parents.

Dorff has already dated many famous faces from Hollywood. The list of his ex-girlfriends includes the likes of global superstars like Mila Jovovich and Pamela Anderson. Many of his former girlfriends have publicly stated that Dorff’s lack of commitment and willingness to get married were the main reason behind their separation. However, it is being reported that Dorff takes his relationship with McKinney very very seriously and hopes to make her his wife someday.

Even though there were suggestions long ago that the two were dating, they were seen together for the first time in the April of 2015. Both of them were attending the wedding ceremony of David Arquetter.  A few weeks later, Dorff made it public that he was seeing McKinney.

 The two come from two different worlds; Dorff is an established actor while McKinney is still a struggling model. Also, Dorff is about 20 years older than his girlfriend. Many of the actor’s own fans have claimed that the actor’s relationship with the model would not last more than few months. But the recent sightings has proved them wrong.

Dorff started his career as an actor at a very young age. He was only about 10 when he played his first TV role.  After that, he had made appearances in several other movies. But his popularity experienced a sudden rise when he was featured in 1998 Sci-Fi thriller, ‘The Blade’.  After gaining mainstream recognition, he has played major roles in movies like ‘Felon’ and ‘Public Enemies’.

The actor has also given his voice for a video game character in the popular 2005 game ‘Far Cry Instincts.’ He also made appearances in a few music videos. He has been featured in music video of popular artists like Britney Spears, Aerosmith and Limp Bizkit.

Dorff is one of the most sought after talents right now and it has made him very rich. His net worth is valued at nearly $12 million dollars.

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