Actor/Singer Thomas Dekker, who is constantly plagued with gay rumors, dating again!! Rumors of mystery girlfriend

August 6, 2015
First published on:August 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Thomas Dekker is a sweet heart and a heart throb for teenagers and adults alike. Who would not like him! One could easily fall in love with this 27 year old handsome hunk. What do you think?

The talented actor and musician is equally loved by both men and women. His height and beauty has attracted many in past. His eyes, especially,  pull everybody’s attention. His hazel colored eyes gives us a feel of a cool blood thirsty vampire. Maybe he would have been better for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight Saga.  Ha ha… just kidding.

But seriously, this extremely handsome actor has been talk of the town from a very long time, especially after his interview with Out magazine in 2011. In the interview, he openly talked about his sexuality. Though he has only dated partners of opposite sex before, he said there’s a possibility of being able to do anything in his life.

 “I’ve only really had relationships with women, but I'm certainly not closed to it. If there are possibilities of being able to do anything in life, why would you say you would never take any up?

“In the later chunk of my teen years I was so all over the place with sex. It was terrible. I never really had a real relationship at all. During puberty, it's all about sex, and it's all about figuring yourself out. I think I overdid it when I was younger.”

After this, several speculation regarding his sexuality surfaced in the media. After the ultimate revelation, a big question has aroused. Is Dekker gay? Nobody knew the answer as the actor previously only dated women and his dating history left no hint that he was gay. Plus, his statements in the aforementioned interview didn’t throw much light to solidify the sensational rumor as he didn’t clarify whether he was gay or not. They only pointed towards the possibility of him being bisexual but no one knows the ultimate truth except Dekker.

Amidst the tattle talk, a few sources claimed that the actor was actually gay which is why he broke up with his previous girlfriends. But the rumors have been brushed off as An American Tail fame has never been seen dating a man.

The actor and musician who was sexually molested as a child admitted that he only had sex with woman but his statement about him being open to partner of either sex has raised a question. Who is Dekker presently dating?

Now, the actor who previously went out with Shelley Hening and Sydney Freggiaro is reportedly dating a mystery woman but who she is exactly, we don’t know yet.

It is still unknown as to who this celebrated actor might be going out with right now because it is not an easy task to dig out the hidden secrets of Hollywood celebrities. And Dekker, despite being very clear about his sexual orientation, hardly speaks a word about his romantic relationships to the media.

We hope that this vegan actor would reveal the name of his partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) whoever it might be, very soon. Our best source would be his Instagram and Twitter account as social media sites are the popular places where Hollywood celebrities share the most personal accounts of their lives.

Besides being an amazing actor, Dekker is a musician and voice actor as well. He started his musical career at the age of ten and got a record deal at the age of 15 but he left the contract to make his own music. Dekker started writing and producing his own classical music influenced by electronica at the age of sixteen. He released his debut album Psyanotic in 2008 and his second album You Are A Liar. We hope that Dekker comes up with several other albums as well.




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