Actor Sean Stone, age 31, will only be dating or get married to women who also follow Islam religion?

HitBerryPublished on   10 Jan, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

American actor, film director, producer, cinematographer and screenwriter Sean Stone, aged 31, converted to Islam in Iran a few years ago. And now, this handsome hunk will only be dating or getting married to women who are also Muslim.

A source close to the son of Academy Award winning director, Oliver Stone gave us all the inside scoop about Sean’s requirements while dating or marrying woman who belongs to the Islam religion. The source said: “We all know, Sean converted to Islam because he felt inspired by the religion and accepted the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s preaching. And now that he has turned Muslim, he wants to be with a woman who believes in the same God and religion that he believes in. He is ready to date, but ladies who are also Muslim.”

The insider further added: “Sean is quite serious about it and he is determined to find a suitable Muslim girl to date and even marry in the future. So, if he gets married to someone following the Islam religion, then it won’t be a surprise because that is what he wants.”

And when asked about the reason behind Stone’s decision, the informant stated: “He is Muslim now and he believes in Islamic religion and culture. He thinks that marrying or starting a relationship with a woman with the same religion would be a lot easier for him and his future wife as well. He feels that if he dates any of the actresses from Hollywood or marries someone who is a non-Muslim, then they might have conflicts in their relationship due to their beliefs. And he does not want that.”

“He wants his wife or girlfriend to share similar beliefs and he thinks it would be easier to maintain mutual understanding and grow a healthy relationship with her if she believes in the same religion as him,” the tale bearer explained.

So, according to the gossip monger, the screenwriter/actor is willing to start a romantic relationship or even marry, but only with Muslim girl?

The young American filmmaker, who has a Jewish father and a Christian mother, converted to Shitte Islam in Iran while was making a documentary about Rumi, a mystic poet. According to Stone himself, he did not abandon his parent’s religion, but he simply accepted Mohammad and other prophets. He also chose to be called Ali after the conversion.

Talking about his conversion with the media, he said: "It's a mistake to believe that Islam is antagonistic towards Judaism and Christianity. What we need is to understand each other's beliefs and to establish dialogue. The most important thing is, I hope I can help Americans to understand the true nature of Islam. I feel good when I enter a mosque. I believe there is only one God and with this view it is not important whether you are Muslim, Christian, or Jewish."

Sean, who has worked in 12 of the movies directed by his father, is happy with his new religion and he hopes to find his soul mate soon, says the informant.

His net worth remains undisclosed.