Actor Scott William Winters and wife Jennifer Logan do not want their two children to pursue acting??

HitBerryPublished on   23 Feb, 2016Updated on   23 Feb, 2016

When Actors themselves doesn’t want their children to pursue acting, it sounds kind of absurd doesn’t it?

But it’s True!! Yes, Actor Scott William Winters and wife Jennifer Logan do not want either of their children to pursue acting career. But why not? Let us find out.

Scott and Jennifer got married in 2007. They then went down to Haiti. Now, after some years, they have now returned from Haiti and are residing near Los Angeles.

Scot Writers has been fading away from the business of stardom. He must have his own reason and we duly respect that.

Scott went down with his close friends to serve as an EMT after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He works there part time as of now.

After a really long gap from the industry, Scott and his wife Jennifer are working on a real life documentary. They say it is all about their life in Haiti.

The recent gossip hits that Scot and Jennifer both do not want their daughters to choose acting as a career. It is not that they are going to forbid the girls, after all it is their own choice. But they would prefer their daughters choose another career.

Scott and Jennifer have been secretive about their personal life right from the beginning. He simply does not like how their lives are splashed all over like it is public business. So, as far as we can predict, this must be the reason why the couple discouraged their girls from repeating the same fate.

Whatsoever, it is all up to Grace and Faith, who they choose to become.

Scott is a very family oriented person. They have a scheduled family holiday every year. “Travelling is a best way to make the family bond strong”, says Scott in the recent interview with Celebslam.

Scott Writers is a celebrated American actor best known for his role in the movie Good Will Hunting as a Clark. Clark is a pompous rival for Minnie Driver's attention who is bested by Matt Damon. He again reprised the role, along with Damon and Ben Affleck, in a parody scene in Jay and Silent Bob strike back.

Scott Writers is the brother of actor Dear Writers and Brad Writers. However, his success story definitely is not based on nepotism. All three brothers are equally good and directors often get confuses about who to star in their movies.

Fishing, family time, writing, surfing etc are some of his hobbies. Also, we do know for sure that he is very Christian as reading a Bible is one of his hobbies too.

He has been active in the industry since 1996. He has starred in more than half a dozen movies and TV shows. Most of his roles are generous and good, however some of them are badass too.

The net worth of this actor is estimated to be pretty high, but the actual figures are yet to be disclosed.