Actor Scott Michael Foster is dating someone new, a year after splitting with ex-girlfriend Laura Pepron

October 20, 2015
First published on:October 20, 2015
by HitBerry

Scott Michael Foster had taken a hiatus from relationships, dating and commitments after he ended his five year relationship with Laura Prepon. But after remaining single for most of 2014, he has recently begun voicing his intentions of being involved with a special someone, whom he continues to keep away from the prying eyes of the media.

As of late, Scott has been busy with his new show “Blood and Oil” and has not been seen with anyone apart from his colleagues. It seems that Scott, whose career has sky rocketed at unimaginable speeds, has learnt his lessons from his previous relationships. He has said ”I intend to keep my private life away from public scrutiny”.

Foster’s first girlfriend after achieving celebrity status was with Spencer Grammer, with whom he maintained a casual relationship for over ten months. The two of them were seen together attending events and hanging out with friends and keeping it casual.

Foster, then entered into a long term relationship with Laura Prepon. Laura has already established herself as a successful TV actress in USA. In their five year long relationship, Laura helped Scott further his career and even helped him with his acting abilities and skills. She even went further and helped him choose the right type of roles that she felt would make Scott a more successful actor.

While being involved with Laura, Scott managed to get a wider range of work and landed three studio movies and over ten TV shows. He has given due credit to Laura and said she is an exceptional mentor. Some of Scott’s most popular presence on screen were in shows like “Greek”, “Chasing Life”, ”Californication”, ”Halt and Catch Fire “and “Once upon a Time”.

Scott has currently been taking over the US TV audience by his role in the popular TV show “Blood & Oil”. In the show he portrays the main antagonist, who is irresistible and simply overwhelming. He has a massive fan following through the show and is the most popular celebrity from the cast.

At the moment, Scott is currently filming for his upcoming movie “My dead Boyfriend”, which is set to release before the year ends.

Scott Foster is relatively younger than his co-stars at the age of thirty and has a promising career ahead of him. He has already made the list of the top ten actors to watch out for in 2015. He is also known for his tall stature and is 6 feet 2 inches in height.

Scott has gained momentum in terms of social networking popularity after he started making appearances in “Blood & Oil”. On Twitter, he has over 100K followers and can be followed as @ScottMichaelFoster. He is apparently more popular on Instagram than in any other social media platforms with over 170K followers. He can be followed on Instagram under “scootmfoster”.

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