Actor Sam Reid, known for his role in the movie Belle, talks about dating and girlfriends in an interview

December 30, 2015
First Published On: December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Like many of the other actors, Australian actor Sam Reid does not easily disclose his private life. We cannot find any news on his dating life, relationship or even his net worth on the internet. But recently, news has graced our ears that he is interested in dating and romance again, according to an interview. How nice is that??

Now 28 years of age, Sam Reid talks about dating and relationships in an interview. For him, his passion for acting comes second to none. Maybe he thinks of it as something that he must definitely excel at? There is no evidence that he has a girlfriend as of now. 

When asked about when he could be expected to get married, he did not comment, suggesting that he might not yet have any plan to settle down. This may be due to the responsibility that he faces in his career. Or maybe it’s so just because he has not found the right love interest as of yet? Whatever the situation may be, Reid, you will always have thousands of girls waiting for you hoping you’ll date them. 

Sam can be considered an attractive and a dashing man. Girls want to be with him, dudes want to be like him.  His acting is also at its finest level. Although his net worth is not publicly disclosed, his exceptional work as an actor in various movies and his memorable roles might be indication of the fact that his net worth might be in millions of dollars.

He is best known for his role as John Davinier in the British Drama movie Belle, released in 2013, alongside actors Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson and others. The movie, although it received positive review from critics and audience alike, did not performed well financially. It grossed at $16 million with the budget of $11 million.

Originally this role had been given to another male actor, Sam Claflin, who was said to have left the role due to scheduling issues. We don’t know whether this story is true or not, bit we do know that Davinier definitely did not disappoint us.

His other known roles are in movies such as Railway man and Anonymous. His fans are currently very eager to seeing him in the movie adaptation of the novel ‘Despite the falling snow’, which is releasing this April.

Sam Reid was born on 19th February 1987 in New South Wales, Australia. He was born to a family of cattle farmer, but he always longed to become an actor. He went on to study acting in London. Reid began his career in 2007 playing the role of Marty Erent in the Television series All Saint. He was cast as the Earl of Essax in the movie Anonymous (2011), when he was still in his final semester at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. This was his first big break and Reid lived up to the expectations we had for him.