Actor Ryan Ochoa opens up about what he looks for in a girlfriend while dating

HitBerryPublished on   05 Dec, 2015Updated on   23 May, 2021

Ryan Ochoa is the latest breakout star from the Disney franchise that, at just 19 years of age, has already been making headlines for his acting abilities and singing skills. Ryan along with his brothers has formed a musical group called the Ochoa Boys and they have gained wide spread recognition for their abilities.

Ryan, in a recent interview, mentioned what he would look for in a girlfriend while dating. The young Disney star, already having had experienced two relationships, one with his former co-stars Bella Thorne, mentioned that the first thing he looks for in his girlfriend while dating is the person’s casual personality.

This, he says, is most important to him as he is young and full of life and energy. He is not looking for anything serious and shies away from unwanted commitments. He has also said that the traits that attract him to girls are humor, honesty and content of their personality.

He also mentions that he takes things lightly and is an imaginative young mind who looks for a confidant in his relationships. However, he says, he is looking for a confidant, not in terms of serious matter, but mostly with similar short term goals and shenanigan motives.

Ryan has had two girlfriends already and both have been a year older than him. He has also said he would be skeptical about dating a younger person as he tends to find them immature.

Ryan, on a professional level, has already established himself as a talented actor. He has already been a part of ten movies and a number of TV shows in such a short while. Some of his most distinguished works in movies include “The Perfect Game”, “Mr.Young “and “Nostalgia”.

However, he is most well known for his roles in Disney’s TV series “Pair of Kings” ,”iCarly” and  “Astro Boy”. He is currently working on an undisclosed Disney project set to release by January 2016. Apart from utilizing his acting abilities, he is also recording a studio album with his brothers as part of the musical group, Ochoa Boys.

Ryan is just 19 years of age and stands at the height of 5feet 4 inches. His short height has earned him the nickname “short Ochoa”.  He comes from an Italian, Portuguese, Hispanic and British ethnicity. However, his nationality is American.

His parents were born to immigrant parents from South America. They have maintained a life outside of the public attention, despite all three of their children being celebrities.

Ryan is also one of the most popular Disney stars today and has a fan following on social media with over 500K followers. He is a regular Tweeter and tweets on an average of six times a day. He can be followed @ryanochoa. He is also very popular on Instagram and can be followed as ryanochoa.

Ryan has an estimated net worth of over $5 million.