Actor Ryan Breslin, age 30, ready to settle down, get married, and start a family life with wife and kids??

January 31, 2016
First published on:January 31, 2016
by HitBerry

A famous male celebrity with a huge female fan following is ready to get settled down with wife and kids at the age of 30. Doesn’t it sound very uncommon??  Apparently it’s not when it comes to our very own loving actor Ryan Breslin.

According to the latest news that we have heard from the actor, we can guess he might want to get married, have kids and get settled down at the age of thirty. We must say despite being young, he is a man of his conviction.

Apparently he is not officially dating anyone and nor does he have any girlfriend that we know of. Now you must be wondering what’s with this news of getting married and settling down??

Our sources reveal that he is actually in search of love and is now ready to settle down if he finds “the one”. Being a believer of true love and destiny, he is not very interested in dating over and over again with different women.

He is interested in marrying a girl from outside of the show biz. We do not know why, but he must have his reasons. He also revealed that he is very eager to experience that warm sensation you get when you fall in love with that one special girl. And now we are even more eager about who that lucky one will be. Will it be just another girl walking down the street?

Actor Ryan Breslin is a very liked and popular stage actor. We basically know him from his role in Newsies the Musical as Race.

Previously, he played the role of Ryan Evans in a touring production of High School Musical. Also, let’s not forget his role as an understudy in The Book of Mormon. It was really awesome.

The actor spent his entire childhood in Marietta, Georgia. Acting was not part of his plan. He actually came into this field by accident and it was a happy accident indeed.  He is very good at baseball and he wanted to become a professional baseball player right from his childhood. But how could a fearsome actor hide from the screen after all.

The actor is not only talented in acting and improvising, he is also a well -trained Ballet dancer. He has a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music. The story does not end there. He has been nominated many times for being an outstanding male dancer and has earned awards as well.

The actor is a real family person. Actors Abigail Breslin and Spencer Breslin are his siblings and according to them, he is the most genuine person in the family. He is of average American height with absolutely no interest in a gay relationship.

The handsome actor is reported to be starring in some movies in 2016 and with this we can infer his net worth will definitely be increasing. So good luck Ryan Breslin!!