Actor Roger Guenveur Smith, age 60, looking forward to getting married a second time!!

December 11, 2015
First Published On: December 11, 2015
by HitBerry

If you are a follower of ‘American Gangster’ star Roger Guenver Smith, you probably remember the controversy his divorce with his former wife stirred. Smith got a divorce from his then-wife Carolina Smith a few years back. Since then, there have been several rumors claiming that the actor was allegedly gay and he had spent his whole life in closet fearing social stigmas. But, as it turns out, Smith certainly is not gay. Rather, he is looking for his second wife right now!!!

The actor had remained single for a long time after his first divorce. The actor was married to Carolina Smith for more than a decade. Even though the cause of their divorce has not yet been verified, Roger’s unfaithful behavior is thought to have been the main cause. Now, sources close to the actor have claimed that the actor has recognized the mistakes he had made in his former marriage and mended his ways. They are also claiming that he is changing himself for the better and he is willing to give marriage another try.

The actor is now approaching his mid-sixties and it is being said that the American director wants to have somebody to call his own before it is too late. And moreover, he is willing to do whatever it takes to find someone to be in a stable relationship with.

Guenver is reported to be searching for someone in the same age range as him and from the same working background. He also prefers somebody who has no children. He is already 60 years of age and he has an adult daughter from his former marriage.  Given that there are not many single ladies in Hollywood at the age of 60, who also don’t have a child, Smith’s choice is really limited.

The actor has appeared in close to a hundred movies throughout his career. The most of well known of his performances are in his roles in 2000 thriller ‘Final Destination’ and 1998 movie ‘He Got Game’. He has also voiced a video game character. He voiced as Bao-Dur in the video game Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic II The Sith Lords. His work as a director and screenwriter is well-admired by critics.

With so many acting credits under his belt, it is not surprising that his net worth is also very high. He is valued at over $3 million dollars. He is also very popular and has a large fan base. He is extremely good looking for someone in his 60s. With global fame and popularity, we expect that the actor would have not much trouble finding someone who will like him romantically.

The actor isn’t very active in social networking sites. If he were to post some of his shirtless photos in Instagram, it is certain that he would find several women who would be willing to marry him despite his growing age.